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Have you watched the movie 21? If we learned anything from it, a mastery of the game’s rules is the first step towards winning big. Playing card games is an easy way to increase your bankroll, but it only works if you understand how to play the game. While you may be lucky to get a winning streak without knowing much about the game, it won’t get you far. So, learning how to play blackjack is the best place to start. Everything else flows from that, and you can add a few tricks up your sleeve to get you an even higher winning chance. Now, what’s all the fuss about the movie 21?

How To Trick the Blackjack System

Every avid card player knows that casinos frown upon card counters and will kick them out of the establishment without so much as a warning. Some people call it reading, but it all points to the same thing. It essentially means noting the cards with high and low values and trying to remember them to know if you have an advantage in each hand. Online, people might disagree on the legality of this, but if casinos catch you, that will be your last day in the establishment.

The movie 21 follows a mathematics major at MIT who wants to raise cash to pay his tuition- that should be motivation enough to do what it takes to raise the money. He partners with his statistics professor, who recruits other MIT students and trains them to count cards. The group travels to Las Vegas to put their skills to the test, hoping to rake in millions.

But is it possible? Card counting or reading requires that you work on your memory and deduction. Once the dealer shuffles cards, the deck features an equal number of high and low cards. Once the rounds start, the ratio of high and low cards changes as each player receives their cards. That means that you must monitor the number of high and low cards played in each round. When more high cards have been played, you know that there will be many low cards remaining. The reverse is also true.

Of course, remembering the numbers on the cards can be tricky. To avoid mixing up the values and coming up short, card readers rely on assigning values to cards based on their numbers. Numbers 2 to 6 are assigned a +1 value, while 10, J, K, and Q have a -1 value. Anything between 7 and 9 gets a 0 value. It’s one of the ways you can group your cards for easier counting, and you can always choose what’s easier to remember in your case.

Using these values, you will keep an eye on each card played and add its value for each hand, including the dealer’s. Assuming you used the positive and negative values above, you will know that you have the upper hand if the count is positive. You can then place higher wagers because the odds will be in your favor. But if the result is negative, you know that you are on the losing end, and now is not the time to make big moves.

Can You Do It?

The movie 21 makes card counting seem easy, even if there are movie scenes where the group lands in complex situations. But is it possible for blackjack players to use card counting in their favor? The truth is that land-based casinos often have people monitoring players physically or via camera and can catch card counters easily. But that’s not possible when playing online. However, casinos can sometimes force reshuffles or adopt strategies that make counting cards very difficult. While you can always give it a try, how about learning how to play the game fair and square? You might have a better chance this way. Besides, it reduces your chances of losing your account once the casino realizes what you have been doing.

Good luck!


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