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Have You Ever Wondered Why Some Music Hit Our Emotional Chords?

We are aware that love and hate are two sides of the same coin. Similarly, happiness and sadness come under the same hood. Nobody has yet come to a conclusion as to why listening to a particular kind of music triggers specific emotions in us.

Pop Culture Madness brings to you the up-to-date bulletins regarding music and films. We offer an impressive collection of chartbusters from each of the decades between the 50s and the 90s. One such list containing 125 sad songs that would definitely make your heart weep.

It is indeed a fact that a track that once brought a smile to your face, now threatens to bring tears to your eyes. Let’s discuss some ofthe effects music has on our psyche while being such a powerful catalyst emotionally:

  • Music can be a boon for someone in search of solace. This is when you feel sad and in need to be understood and feeling a little less lonely.You probably need some distraction from serious or sad phase you’re going through in your life. You’re in need for a change of mood.
  • It happens oftentimes that you want to escape your reality. Such as while you’re frustrated of the traffic you’re stuck in, so you resort to some music, heavy metal or punk, just to channelize your anger and frustration elsewhere. Listening to angry music while going through anger is not such a great option, as it would make you feel worse rather than better.
  • Music is considered as a great coping mechanism as against indulging yourself into self-loathing or negativity. According to the results of a certain survey, if you end up venting, you’d be at risk of getting into depression. Whereas, if you decide to listen to a calm or sad song, it will have an opposite effect on your mood and there’s a good chance you would feel your mood lifting up soon enough.
  • There can be found contradicting results as to music to be used as a coping mechanism. There is obviously a difference between the emotion you feel and your perceived notion about the same emotion. Hence, it’s true to say that some people would feel pleasure while listening to a sad or depressing song.
  • Is there any particular characteristic in a song or music of a particular artist that make us cry while listening to it? It’s probably so. This is because, some lyrics or notes may be tear-inducing. It means that some parts of music might resonate to an internal sentiment of yours, which acts as a trigger for your psychology.

To summarise, it’s safe to say that sometimes to appreciate good things in life, it is important to experience some of the bad things. A song can inspire or make you sad, arouse or calm you down. It somewhat depends on the circumstances you are going through, your mindset while you hear that particular song. The same can give you conflicting feelings the next time you hear it. So, beware and keep tissues handy!

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