Green to the World of Dabbing CBD? 7 Beginner Dabbing Mistakes to Avoid

Whether it’s the promise of a cleaner smoking experience or the excitement of trying out a new consumption method, more and more people are changing their opinions about dabbing. And while dabs undoubtedly provide a unique perspective on herb, the process involved can also be seen as quite tedious.

Between handling a hefty torch and measuring out sticky substances, taking a proper dab requires finesse. Even those that already know how to dab might be making rookie mistakes that detract from the quality of experience.

Are you ready to shape up your dabbing technique? Here are seven beginner mistakes to avoid.

Overheating the nail

To vaporize your CBD, the nail will need to reach temperatures between 315 degrees and 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Despite the range in temperatures, overheating your nail is easier than you’d think and can cause valuable concentrates to burn. To ensure the ideal temperature is met, heat your nail until it turns red and then allow it to cool about 45 seconds before applying the CBD concentrate. Consider using an e-nail with built-in temperature control technology for an even more precise method.

Burning yourself

Of course, dealing with extreme temperatures automatically imposes the risk of injury if not handled with caution. The dab nail will remain scorching for several minutes after the flame has been applied and can quickly deliver a third-degree burn. As a rule of thumb, avoid touching the dab nail directly until at least 20 minutes after your smoke session.

Overloading the nail

One of the most common mistakes made by first-timers is loading the nail with too much concentration. A hefty dose of CBD dab is formidable for even experienced dabbers and lowers the quality of your overall smoking experience. An overloaded nail will decrease the temperature of the nail, causing the concentrate to vaporize unevenly without releasing tasty terpenes. Do yourself a favor by loading the nail with an appropriate amount of concentrate each time. Your future self will thank you for it.

Dropping your concentrate

Every dabber has their moment of clumsiness, and dropping concentrate isn’t the end of the world. But even the slightest misjudgment may send your precious CBD wax toward a dust-ridden floor, rendering it totally unusable. Save yourself the trouble and money by investing in a dabber tool. Designed to scoop and secure sticky concentrate, dabbing tools make an unfortunate act of uncoordination much less common.

Moving too slowly

After removing heat from the nail and waiting the appropriate amount of time for the metal to cool, there is a relatively short window of time in which you’ll need to apply your concentrate. If not done quickly, you could miss the opportunity to vaporize CBD efficiently. You must also act fast when inhaling the vapor into the rig’s chamber. A moment too slow, and the precious CBD will evaporate into the room.

Holding the rig improperly

Mishandling your precious rig can result in burns, unsatisfactory hits, and even shattering the piece. Always keep your dominant hand on the main base of the rig while the other handles the concentrate and carb cap. Avoid picking up the rig by the delicate downstem or mouthpiece alone, and take care when setting glass pieces on hard surfaces.

Swallowing the vapor

Taking a too-big hit is often followed by an unintentional swallow, which is a fast track to a queasy stomach. Newbie dabbers make the mistake all too often, taking a big swallow of vapor instead of directly inhaling it into the lungs. To avoid the feeling of nausea, or worse, vomiting, try taking small and shallow hits from the rig your first few times dabbing.

Final thoughts

Dabbing allows you to experience CBD in a new and exciting way. With this guide, you are well on your way to certified smoker status.




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