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Google Engineer With Nearly Perfect Prediction Record Creates Terrifying New Prediction

Former Google executive Ray Kurzweil looks to the future and believes it will last for a long time.

No one lives forever. Anyway, at least not yet.

For thousands of years, mankind has searched for the Fountain of Youth. This is a mythical spring that is said to wash away the years of those who drink or bathe in the water.

To this day, the fountain was nothing of the legend. However, Ray Kurzweil believes that humanity will soon give enough time to the collective hands.

In fact, a futurist and ex-Google (Google)- Get Free ReportEngineers believe humans will achieve immortality by 2030.

Before you snort, “Sure, what were you smoking?” You should know that 86% of Kurzweil’s 147 predictions are correct.

This is better than Paul the octopus who called every soccer match right before he died in 2010.

Rise of the Nanobots

In 1990, Kurzweil said the world’s best chess player would be beaten by a computer by 2000, and seven years later Deep Blue checkmate Gary Kasparov.

Over the same decade, he predicted that by 2009 people would primarily use portable computers. With the development of wearable computers and devices, digital music and books will largely replace physical media.

And in 1999, he said that by 2023, $1,000 laptops would have the computing power and storage capacity of the human brain.

YouTube channel Adagio recently discussed Kurzweil’s thoughts on the expansion of genetics, nanotechnology and robotics.

Incredibly tiny robots repair damaged cells and tissues that degrade as the body ages, boosting immunity against diseases such as cancer. daily mail Reported on March 28th.

Kurzweil also predicted that the Singularity (a hypothetical point in time when technological growth becomes uncontrollable and irreversible, leading to unpredictable changes in human civilization) will occur by 2045.

“We get sexier.”

By 2029, he says, AI will pass a valid Turing test to determine whether a computer can think like a human.

Machines are already making humans smarter, Kurzweil says, and connecting them to the neocortex could improve our thinking.

Kurzweil said, “We’ll have more neocortex, we’ll make it more interesting, we’ll get better at music.” I intend to show more examples of all the things we value.”

Of course, not all of Kurzweil’s predictions came true.

Among other things, he said that by 2009, self-driving cars and intelligent roads will be used for long-distance travel. Phones that can translate between languages ​​will become commonplace, and human musicians will jam on computerized phones.

Still, the concept of immortality is compelling, and if Kurzweil is right, he’ll have his last laugh for a long time.

Somewhere the octopus Paul is laughing.

https://www.thestreet.com/biotech/google-engineer-with-near-perfect-prediction-record-makes-terrifying-new-forecast Google Engineer With Nearly Perfect Prediction Record Creates Terrifying New Prediction

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