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Google Cracks Down on Hybrid Work, Asks Remote Workers to Rethink

Google The company plans to crack down on employees who don’t show up to the office consistently, CNBC reports.

The company updated its hybrid work policy on Wednesday, which includes tracking attendance for office badges, dealing with employees who don’t show up when they should, and including attendance in employee performance reviews, according to an internal memo seen by CNBC. Most employees are expected to be in the physical office at least three days a week.

Fiona Cicconi, Google’s chief human resources officer, said in an end-of-day email to employees on Wednesday that “there is no substitute for meeting in person,” including doubling the time to come to work. Incorporated.

“Of course, not everyone believes in ‘magical hallway conversations,’ but there is no question that working together in the same room can make a positive difference,” Cicconi said in an email. ” was written. “Many of the products he announced at I/O and Google Marketing Live last month were conceived, developed and built by teams working together.”

According to her memo, the company will begin including a three-day work week as part of its performance reviews, and teams will begin sending reminders to employees who are “constantly absent from the office.”

Cicconi also asked remote workers who have already been approved to reconsider. “If you’re remote and live close to our offices, we hope you’ll consider switching to a hybrid work schedule. Our offices are where we are most connected to the Google community.”

Another internal document indicated that previously approved remote workers may be subject to re-evaluation if the company determines there is a “substantial change in business needs, roles, teams, structure or location.” It is

In the U.S., the company uses badge data to regularly track employee compliance with its attendance policy, and executives are now reviewing local requirements for implementation in other countries. said in one of the documents. If the employee does not comply with the policy after an extended period of time, HR will contact the employee regarding ‘next steps’.

Going forward, Cicconi said new fully remote work will be allowed “only in exceptional circumstances.”

In a statement to CNBC, Google spokesperson Ryan Lamont said, “Our hybrid approach is designed to incorporate the benefits of being together in person with the benefits of working from home for part of the week. there is,” he said. In keeping with this way of working, we have formally integrated this approach into all our workplace policies. ”

Lamont added that the badge data seen by company leaders is aggregated, not personalized.

These policy updates represent the company’s most draconian attempt to bring employees back to physical offices.

2021 onwards facing backlash The company said it plans to relax its remote work plans in preparation for its return to the office, with 20% of its workforce working from home. work remotely. However, as of April 2022, most employees are required to be in a physical office at least three days a week, and at the time the company sought to attract employees to It threw a message like this: Lizzo private concertadopted marching band Then invite the mayor to celebrate your return.

CNBC reported Google in April Dropped this is COVID Vaccines are required to enter the building.

The crackdown comes as the company is in the middle of an artificial intelligence arms race. everyone up on the deck It will quickly establish itself against rivals such as Microsoft and OpenAI, who have seen success in recent months. In recent weeks, Google has also stepped up its efforts to crack down on information leaks from within the company.

But the crackdown also comes as the company shrinks its real estate footprint amid widespread cost-cutting. CNBC said in his February that Google’s cloud division told employees desk sharing Up to 5 workspaces. CNBC too report Google has indefinitely paused construction of its gigantic campus in San Jose, California.

Correction: CNBC first reported in February that Google’s cloud division told employees it planned to move to shared desk workspaces at five of the company’s largest locations. Earlier versions listed the month incorrectly.

https://www.cnbc.com/2023/06/08/google-to-crack-down-on-hybrid-work-asks-remote-workers-to-reconsider.html Google Cracks Down on Hybrid Work, Asks Remote Workers to Rethink

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