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Games with an active game economy

In the modern gaming industry, games with an active gaming economy are especially popular. It allows you to sell and buy game goods, resources and even services. Players like the opportunity to earn money from their hobby, or to maintain the well-being of their character by selling all unnecessary goods and buying more of the necessary ones.

Let’s discuss the list of games with an active game economy:

  • FIFA
  • World of Warcraft
  • Lineage 2
  • Blade and soul
  • CS GO


Football simulator from the company EA Games is popular all over the world among football fans and competitive games.

In FIFA, you can lead your favorite team to victory in the Champions League and compete with friends in skill.

But the most important thing in FIFA is its economic component.

The game allows you to earn FIFA coin – a unique game currency that is issued for participation in matches, victories in tournament stages and for selling players.

A novice football fan will have to spend coins to open sets of players to assemble his own team, with which he will begin his journey to the top players.

The economy in the game is designed so that the key coins that are needed in FIFA can be earned independently by taking part in all possible game activities:

  • Competitive matches
  • Tournaments
  • Daily and weekly tasks
  • Buying and selling players.

There are many sites where you can sell the earned coins, or buy the missing ones.

World of Warcraft

A huge economic component has been implemented in the WoW universe, allowing players to constantly offer goods and services to each other, and every thing in the game has its own price.

Players can learn professions and sell various consumables associated with leveling skills, get materials while hunting and exchange them for gold or other consumables.

You can create unique potions, weapons and armor, accessories that will be in demand on the market and thus earn gold and spend it on character improvement, or withdraw it through various services.

Good, well-played groups can offer their services in pumping other characters in dungeons and raids. The cost that the character will have to pay for the rendered service depends on the complexity of the raid and the time it takes to complete it.

Lineage 2

The economy in Lineage 2 is similar to many similar projects and is based on goods and services that characters can exchange, benefiting each other.

Remain common – pumping in hunting zones and temporary zones, buying and selling unique dragon weapons.

Gold earned from events and activities can be used on various services, or invested in the development of your character.

The developers have thought out a trading platform system inside the game, where players can sell and buy goods and consumables, when selling, the player will receive gold through the mail system and will be able to take the profit within two weeks, if the gold was not taken due to an incident, it will be moved to the storage in the character’s warehouse.

The game leads its development in the direction of increasing the number of levels and complicates the ability to get them.

It is better to spend gold on buying weapons and armor that speed up the leveling and help newbies get levels for game gold.

Blade and Soul

MMO has become the actual successor to the previously popular Lineage 2, the game has a similar economic component.

In addition to the trading relationship system, where players trade goods and sell consumables, groups of players can help beginners complete difficult raids in exchange for gold, or donations.


CS GO has an internal system of skins for weapons, gloves, the appearance of agents and terrorists, cases.

All of these items have a value based on rarity and can be sold on the Steam marketplace.

Players earn skins in Special Operations, which are released once a season, receive a random variant once a week when they level up.

Red Tier Items, Gloves, and Knives cannot be obtained by any other means than opening cases, making them the most valuable set reward and the most sought after item on the marketplace.

The player can earn money by buying and reselling skins, stickers, agents.

You should not invest in opening cases – the key costs $ 2 and often does not even recoup the costs, not to mention even the profit. Lottery with cases should be put in the category of entertainment, not earnings. Professional gamers and streamers often open packs as a way to attract the attention of the audience and the opportunity to replenish their inventory with new skins.


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