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From Beginner To Pro: What You Need To Know About Playing Live Casino Blackjack Online

You are probably at a live blackjack table, playing the game of your life, and you win every time! You might want to thank these 6 hacks that make a difference in blackjack and maximize your chances of winning the biggest jackpot.

Let’s start off with the basics. You will need this information to start counting your cards and keep an eye on your opponents. Let’s see what you should know when playing the game of live blackjack.

Firstly, let’s understand how the game is played- each player is dealt two cards face down, these are kept to themselves, and only they know the value of their cards. The dealer gets a 2nd card right after you get yours and a 3rd card once all players have placed their bets.

After the deal, each player gets 3 cards which are added to their hand. The dealer’s cards are considered face-up during all the betting rounds to know what they hold. You can count your cards and compare them with the other’s (to look for value), but you do not have to show your hand.

Here are the 5 Top Hacks To Live Blackjack

Hack 1:Double Down on 11 and 10 Value Cards (when you have two cards with 10 or 11 face value)

Many people do not know about this hack. You can double down on any 2 cards that are worth 10 or 11, even if you don’t have any high-value cards at all in your hand. But then again, you will only be able to do this once per each bet round.

Here’s how you can double down on 10 and 11 value cards (if you’re dealt two face-up 10 or 11 value cards):

You will see the dealer give you your second card and your third card. You will then place your bet, and this is where you can double down. You will then get to keep all 3 of your cards while losing only the bet you placed on them. So it is best to use this when either- both or only one of your hands contains a 10 or 11 value card.

Hack 2: Blackjack Advantage General Strategy – how to maximize your chances of winning

This is one of the most important hacks of them all, where you can win big and live life rich! This is what separates the good players from the great ones.

And there are Two Basic Ways (there are many ways, but two) in which you can achieve this: The Player’s Card Counting and Informed Play. Both of these are proven ways of maximizing your chances of reaching the live blackjack maximum payout.

Some people choose to count cards, while others stick to other tactics, but you will have a big advantage over the casino in either way.

It is recommended that you read our Easy Blackjack Guide, where a card counting guide will help you in your quest for winning big. The easiest way to win the most is by using the player’s card counting method.

All you need to start doing is counting your cards- while you should always be aware of your opponents’ actions and their tendencies towards playing. You can also draw conclusions and learn about their tendencies as a professional live dealer blackjack player.

Hack 3:Using the Basic Strategy Table

It is best to use this strategy if you are a beginner. This method will also help you begin to understand how the professionals play the game.

For those who do not know, the basic strategy table gives you a way of placing your bets according to what is in your hand and what the dealer’s handholds.

This gives you an edge over both your opponents and the dealer. You will achieve a higher win rate and a greater probability of getting exactly what you wanted from the game.

Hack 4: The 20/21 Rule

This is one of those hacks that are not mentioned anywhere in the Basic Strategy Table. This is why many players do not know about this hack because it can only be used once per bet round. You will have to make your judgment call as to whether or not to use this hack.

If the dealer has a face up card worth 20 or 21, you should adjust to your bet. All you need to do is double your initial bet (depending on your initial bet amount).

Keep in mind that if the dealer has a face down card worth 20 or 21, then don’t use this hack.

Hack 5: The Hi-Lo Counting Method

This counting method will help you figure out exactly how many high and low value cards are in a specific deck. All you need to do is turn over a card from your deck and then write it down. After this, you will turn over the next card and repeat the process. You will conclude as to how many high or low value cards there are in your deck. This method of counting is superior because you will determine exactly how many cards of each value remain in the deck.

Hack 6: The Silent Way Of Counting Cards (without looking like a loon)

This hack is not widely known. It is compelling but requires some practice and a lot of luck to work. This method is best used if you are a beginner at the game of live blackjack online.

You will need to learn where the dealer’s eyes go during each count.

Then, you will look at both your hands at the same time and cover them with your cards in such a way that they remain hidden from the dealer’s vision. It is important that your cards are firmly held, but you should not hold them too tightly.

All you need to do is count the cards in your hands while making sure that the next card in your deck is covered by your hand to make it invisible.


There are some more hacks that we have not included in this article. They are the ones that are not worth knowing because it will only serve to slow you down. But if you want to know more hacks, keep reading live blackjack online articles and learn everything you can about the game.

There are so many different ways that you can learn about playing live blackjack online. So keep exploring until you find what works best for you.


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