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Former Twitter employee receives severance pay after months of waiting.many people are unhappy with it

Claire Duffy CNN

months later uncertainty Many former Twitter employees affected by the massive layoffs in early November felt left in the dark and began receiving retirement offers over the weekend. Some are unsatisfied.

According to Lisa Bloom, the dismissal offer promised one month’s salary in exchange for agreeing to various terms, including a non-defaming contract, and waiving the right to sue the company. Dismissal.

Lawyers representing public officials and former employees said many were unhappy with the offer, saying:3 months retirementWhat new owner Elon Musk has previously promised is to be delivered. (This period appears to include the 60-day advance notice payment that Twitter was obligated to provide under various state laws.) Significantly less than our competitors offer.guaranteed at the same time 16 weeks base salary In addition, an additional two weeks are added for each year they were employed by the company.

Former Twitter employee is stuck deciding whether to take the money or join hundreds of others who have already applied Arbitration Request Also lawsuit against the company.

Shannon Rhys Riordan, another attorney representing former Twitter employees, said: “Hundreds of Twitter employees weighing their options have informed us that they will only be given one month’s severance pay. “We have already filed hundreds of requests for arbitration and will continue to do so,” he told CNN in a statement Monday.

The firefight at the company comes as Musk scrambles to cut costs at the company it acquired in October for $44 billion. After laying off half the company in early November, Musk continued cut and extrude This includes requiring those remaining to sign a pledge to commit to “hardcore” work.

Twitter’s trust and safety team experienced at least 12 additional cuts on Friday, one person said. Report from Bloomberg over the weekend.

Bloom said he had also filed dozens of requests to arbitrate on behalf of former Twitter employees, but the severance offers included prorated bonuses and accelerated stock entitlements for eligible employees. It said it is not yet and could reach tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars. of the lost funds of some affected workers. The company typically offered such benefits to employees who were laid off prior to the Musk acquisition, she said.

https://www.eastbaytimes.com/2023/01/10/former-twitter-employees-get-severance-offer-after-months-of-waiting-many-are-unhappy-with-it/ Former Twitter employee receives severance pay after months of waiting.many people are unhappy with it

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