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Forget pink drinks: Starbucks has a new blue viral sensation

There is a blue drink from the secret menu and another limited-time blue drink that reaches Unicorn Frappuccino-level heights.

Starbucks has two avenues for creating a viral new beverage craze.

The first is the traditional one where a company launches a product, usually as a limited time offer and people really like it.

When that happens, the company has several options. You can make it an annual drink, add it to your permanent menu, or bring it back as a surprise every now and then.

Usually Starbucks (SBUX)- Get Free Report Simply rotate these limited-time offers through your menu so you can come back regularly.

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Another way the coffee bar giant finds new drinks is through fan-created secret menus.

Most of the time these are the drinks you order by changing the current menu item to something new. When people create a recipe, share it on social media and give it a name. When it goes viral, people start ordering it.

This poses a challenge for the chain, as Starbucks baristas don’t always know the recipes for the latest fan-made beverages that have taken the social media by storm. For example, before pink drinks became a regular menu item, fans ordered a drink and didn’t know exactly what they were getting. (Alternatively, you can type your drink into the app as you know it.)

Starbucks changed this uncertain dynamic by embracing the pink drink, first adding it as a limited-time offer and later adding it to its full-time menu.

Now Starbucks has another viral sensation. Made by the company and only available in one market. And you’ll likely have to either bring it to the US or deal with a customer’s clumsy attempts to order it without all the ingredients on the menu.

Image Source: Starbucks

Starbucks adds first blue drink

Globally, Starbucks has done very well with colorful drinks. Pink drinks have become popular in multiple countries, with bright yellow drinks appearing on several menus around the world. Sure, the Unicorn Frappuccino is purple with light blue streaks, but it wasn’t a true blue drink.

Starbucks customers in the UK are now embracing Starbucks first official blue drink, the Blue Raspberry Cloud Frappuccino. Available for only 10 days in his UK, the drink has become a social media sensation and is sold out in some stores.

Starbucks describes the Blue Raspberry Cloud Frappuccino on its website as follows:

“Creamy and Dreamy Frappuccino: Delicious blue raspberry candy flavor topped with whipped cream and pale blue crunchy sugar sprinkles. Dream your way to the spring skies,” the company said.

Arcane marketing phrases aside, this new drink uses whole milk with a vanilla frappuccino base, whipped cream, blue sugar crunch topping, and blue raspberry powder. You can substitute the type of milk, although it may change the appearance of the drink.

Drinks that look like really cloudy skies don’t contain coffee. Espresso he can add a shot he or he two but this also ruins the aesthetics of the drink.

Starbucks has not commented on whether it will bring the Blue Raspberry Cloud Frappuccino to the US.

Starbucks US has a secret menu blue drink

The Blue Raspberry Cloud Frappuccino can’t be ordered in the US because the topping isn’t on the menu, but you can get a blue drink off the menu. It’s actually a very simple order consisting of three items:

  • Ice passion tango tea
  • Sub soymilk for water
  • add vanilla syrup

“The periwinkle blue drink, which blends the cream of soy milk with the bright reddish pink of herbal tea, is ice-cold and refreshing when shaken.” Coconut Mama website.

Passion Tango Tea is a tangy, fruity blend of hibiscus, apple and lemongrass, made with Starbucks soy milk (sweetened) and vanilla. A simple syrup will up the sweetness a few notches,” the website added.


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