Fly from Disneyland to Disney World for cheaper than the cheapest theme park tickets

Frugal theme park fans who want to visit both Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom on the same day can find a quick and cheap flight between Anaheim and Orlando for less than the cheapest ticket to either theme park. can.

Breeze Airways is start a direct flight Starting at $69 one way between John Wayne and Orlando International Airports on Thursday, February 16th.

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Once the base fare is over, Breeze will offer flights between SNA and MCO for between $119 and $199, depending on whether you include baggage fees or extra legroom in first class.

The addition of John Wayne Airport, just 15 miles from Disneyland, expands Breeze Airways’ domestic footprint to 34 airports. That’s more than double that of aviation entrepreneur David Neeleman for his May 2021 launch of the fast-growing airline.

A $69 introductory airfare costs about as much as a Disneyland ticket in 2011, and a Breeze full-priced one-way flight costs about as much as a day ticket to a Disney park on either coast. increase.

The cheapest single park ticket to Disneyland or Disney California Adventure is $104. Disney World’s cheapest tickets range from $109 to $124, depending on which park you choose.

Disneyland and Disney World annual pass holders want to visit both Mouse Houses within their budget. “Get Off the Couch” Breeze Deals It will be extended until the end of March.

Before the pandemic, the ultimate golden ticket allowed you to visit Disney parks on both coasts for “free”. Disney once offered an annual pass valid on both coasts that allowed him to pay $2,199 for the annual perks and then get zero admission.but Premier annual pass It was suitable for all six theme parks in California and Florida, but was discontinued in 2020.

New Breeze non-stop flights between coastal Disney destinations serve the Southwest, served by both SNA and MCO, but there are no non-stop flights.

A non-stop goal from Orange County, California to Orange County, Florida? Disneyland and Walt He will connect Disney World, according to Breeze officials. The startup’s 100th non-stop route fits the Breeze model of connecting leisure destinations.

Breeze Airways president Tom Doxey said in a statement: “What better way to mark this milestone than with The Nicest Airline connecting two of the Happiest Places on Earth. Unthinkable.

Another important factor in Breeze’s selection of the new Southern California destination was that the SNA/MCO route was not offered non-stop. Southwest flies this route for as low as $116, but with one or more stops. The startup will also play low-cost rivals Frontier, Spirit and Allegiant in SNA.

Of course, stubborn mouseheads are just a small part of the new Breeze route flyers. Low-cost airlines start with one flight each day in each direction. Depart from Santa Ana before 9am Pacific Time and return from Orlando around 5pm Eastern Time.

Breeze plans to expand service at the slot-constrained John Wayne Airport with a fleet of Airbus A220s and Embraer E-195s, Breeze officials said. Fly from Disneyland to Disney World for cheaper than the cheapest theme park tickets

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