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Five best features of OTT

Before you find an OTT provider, you need to know how it can contribute to your business and career. OTT platforms have significantly changed how viewers interact with content creators. This provides an excellent opportunity for streamers and content creators to offer better quality content for their viewers. One of the most important things to look out for in choosing an OTT/IPTV provider is their features.

What is OTT service?

OTT, or over-the-top media service is a stand-alone product that provides content streaming media online. Over the top media services can be accessed from any device as long as you have an internet connection.

There are many OTT/IPTV providers like CDN solution and OTT Middleware that can provide you with excellent features. Their service is typically monetized via paid subscription and other monetization models like ads and pay-per-view rates. Some other platforms might offer in-app purchases and program subscriptions.

Types of OTT services

OTT is the phrase used to distribute video content through the internet without the need to subscribe to satellite TV and traditional cable TV. OTT is a common phrase for VOD (video-on-demand) platforms and refers to messaging services, audio streaming, and internet-based voice calling solutions. OTT services usually are movies, films, or TV content. However, other examples include VoIP Services.

  • OTT VIDEO any types of entertainment content such as education, fitness, travel, and much more, for example, Netflix, Youtube, Xbox, Playstation, etc.
  • OTT Voice is any service that requires an internet connection through voice calls like skype messenger etc
  • OTT messaging is any messaging app platform that requires the internet to work like messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, etc.
  • OTT audio is any application that requires an internet connection like Podcast, Spotify, SoundCloud, etc.

5 Best Features of OTT Solutions

Suppose you are looking for the best OTT/IPTV providers, your OTT/IPTV provider must have the following features. This feature can help you boost your career and have a higher chance for your content to go viral. The best features provide you one step ahead of your competitors.

User Friendly

OTT platforms must have a User-friendly UI so beginners and any target users can easily use it. Your OTT platform must be easy to use to attract more customers/viewers quickly and easily. A user might struggle to find content on a complicated platform, thus will give some problems in delivering content to your user/subscriber. A User-friendly OTT app can make a huge difference in reaching our target audience of all ages and statuses.


A fully customizable OTT platform is a steal for companies and individuals looking to create content distribution platforms. A customizable OTT platform will provide you with exciting platform architecture and, at the same time, has a little bit of personal touch, making the platform your own. Moreover, they can brand the platform in the way they like it and even add additional plugins and features to improve its usability.

Monetization Potential

Creating an OTT platform that won’t fetch you profit is pointless. Why would anyone spend their money and time on a senseless project? Money and time are everything in any type of business. A good OTT platform must have excellent monetization potential. Monetization methods like subscription services and in-app purchases are suitable to include in your platform.

Supports Cross-Device

A good OTT platform must be able to provide content on multiple types of devices. Developers are constantly making changes to support all sorts of devices. This ensures that your platform can reach and cover all potential audience segments. An OTT/IPTV platform that keeps their developments up to date, optimizing changes to meet the customer/viewer needs is a must for all content creators, streamers, and business owners that want to have higher revenue.

Data Analytics

Implementing and building something in your platform without knowing whether it will work and be appreciated by the masses is a waste of time, money, and effort. With proper data analytics in place, the OTT platform can help you boost your business and career. This can help you monitor every user’s behavior on your platform. Moreover, this will enable you to adjust and implement a much better feature that can significantly impact your subscribers/viewers.


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