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FirstFT: West pressures UAE to halt critical exports to Russia

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According to the Financial Times, Western officials have been visiting the United Arab Emirates in recent weeks, urging the Gulf states to halt critical exports to Russia.

In Today’s Big Read, Africa editor David Pilling tells André de Reuters about the former president of Eskom shaving and the crimes plaguing the company and South Africa more broadly.

Notes for the day are as follows.

  • England: Bank of England Chief Economist Hugh Pill will deliver a speech on the economic outlook for the year, while former Prime Minister Boris Johnson will speak at a London conference with Ukraine’s First Lady and Foreign Minister.

  • Economic data: The EU has released unemployment data for January and flash inflation forecasts for February, and the European Central Bank has released the minutes of its monetary policy meeting. The United States reports fourth quarter worker numbers.

  • result: Anheuser-Busch InBev, Flutter Entertainment, ITV, London Stock Exchange, Metro Bank, Salvatore Ferragamo, Schroders and Taylor Wimpey report.

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today’s top news

1. Exclusive: Western allies are pressuring the United Arab Emirates to halt exports of vital goods to Russia They are trying to block shipments of parts that further Moscow’s war effort.US, EU and UK officials have recently visited the Gulf states, sources say. Read more about Western concerns about ‘re-exports’.

2. Exclusive: China puts Arm’s plans to sell its troubled joint venture on holdmonths after the British chip designer agreed to transfer its China division to owner SoftBank ahead of Arm’s big stock market listing. Find out why China is blocking this move.

3. Andrew Bailey suggested the UK did not urgently need further rate hikes The Governor of the Bank of England has tried to convince investors that the UK’s economic outlook differs from that of the United States and the Eurozone. The market expects interest rates to rise above the current 4%.

4. The Carlyle Group’s funding plans for its latest buyout fund remain flat, After months of pushing through a complicated deal that allowed investors in the old fund to cash out half of the money they received by investing it in the new fund. Read more about group fundraising difficulties.

5. Joe Biden to become first president to use veto power to defend new ESG rules Allowing fund managers to consider environmental, social and governance factors in investment decisions after two Democratic senators voted against Republicans. Here’s Why They Broke Ranks.

big lead

Former Eskom chief André de Ruyter © FT montage/AP

without his doctor André de Ruyter would probably have died, the former Eskom chief told the FT. De Ruyter, who was fired just two months after an attempted poisoning with cyanide-laced coffee, told the FT how the crime had permeated the South African state.

we read too . .

chart of the day

The world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange is under pressure.the investor Withdrew over $6 billion Last month, a Binance-branded digital token known as BUSD was launched.

Line chart of BUSD market share (%) showing that BUSD's share of the stablecoin market has fallen off a cliff in recent weeks.

stay away from the news

I replied to an advertisement recruiting crew for a dangerous naval expedition. A polar voyage leaflet promised months of darkness, low wages, and a slim chance of a safe return.from the beginning of the game pale beyondit is clear lucky to survive.

Screen grab of

Trapped in Ice: “The Pale Beyond”

Additional contributions by Emily Goldberg and Gordon Smith

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