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FedEx places Morningstar on list of undervalued industrial stocks

The S&P 500 Industrial Index has returned 3.99% over the past year, while the S&P 500 as a whole has had negative returns.

Since last year, industrials have outperformed the broader market as investors turned more and more to value stocks.

of S&P 500 The industrial index recorded a total return of 3.99% over the past year, compared to a negative return of 4.35% for the S&P 500 as a whole.

However, even after the sector advances, Morningstar analysts still watching Some stocks are grossly undervalued.

Below is an alphabetical listing of Morningstar’s top undervalued industrial stocks.

fedex (FDX)- Get Free Reportthe delivery giant: Morningstar analyst Matthew Young assigns the company a narrow moat (a permanent competitive advantage), giving the stock a fair value of $217. It is currently trading at $186.

“FedEx is the largest sub-truck carrier in the U.S. and helps us build close relationships with retailers and industrial shippers on the package side,” Young wrote in a comment.

“rival UPS (UPS)- Get Free Reporthas been around for much longer in the U.S. ground market, building a density advantage and high margins. However, FedEx has gradually strengthened its ground positioning over the past decade, using its speed advantage over UPS and its investment in capacity.

Additionally, “FedEx’s extensive international shipping network is very difficult to replicate,” says Young. “And despite the short-term normalization from pandemic highs, domestic and international e-commerce spending should remain a tailwind in the longer term.”

Fortune Brand Innovations FBIN, offers home and security products such as Moen plumbing fixtures. Morningstar analyst Brian Barnard gives the company a narrow moat, giving the stock a fair value of $78. It is currently trading at $62.

Fortune’s “Improved Financial Performance” [over the past decade] It is the result of a successful operational strategy,” he wrote in his commentary. Its strategy includes “strengthening new home construction and repair and refurbishment spending.”

Barnard said residential construction will grow rapidly in 2020 and 2021, holding up for most of last year. “However, declining affordability has slowed housing demand, and in 2023 he forecasts it will begin to decline by 18%,” he said.

Still, “we expect new housing demand to start picking up again in 2024 with improved affordability (due to both falling mortgage rates and home prices) leading to an 8% increase in starts.”

Southwest Airlines (Luv)- Get Free ReportBernard gives the company no moat and gives the stock a fair value of $55. These days he is trading at $35.60.

“Southwest Airlines reported a net loss in the fourth quarter due to charges related to the company’s widespread operational issues that caused more than 16,700 flight cancellations in late December,” he said in a commentary. writing. “Furthermore, management noted that the company is likely to realize another net loss during the first quarter.”

Still, “We expect Southwest Airlines to begin fully addressing operational issues in 2023, and we believe airlines will benefit from continued favorable conditions across the industry. foundationsaid Bernard.

“Management is maintaining its capacity expansion plans for 2023,” he said, adding that “booking trends have continued to improve this month.” [January]said Bernard.

“March is shaping up to be a good month for both leisure and business travel,” he said.

https://www.thestreet.com/stocks/fedex-undervalued-industrial-stocks-morningstar FedEx places Morningstar on list of undervalued industrial stocks

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