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[Fanduel] Top 5 All-Time Pass Yard Leaders In The NFL

Everything you need to know about the men who hold the All-Time Pass Yard records

When Arnie Berber retired in 1945, he held the All-Time Passing Yards record, with 8041 career passing yards. At the time, the press talked about how impressive he was and how it would take a long time for someone to beat his record.

Flash forward to 2013, when Payton Manning passed for 5477 yards in a single season. Now the All-Time leading passer has a record that is 10 times better than Arnie Barber – how times have changed.

#5 – Philip Rivers, retired 2020, 63,440 career yards 

We start our top 5 list with Philip Rivers, who clocked up an impressive 63,400 yards between 2004 and 2020.

Rivers played for the Chargers for 15 years before spending his final season with the Colts.

There were early signs that Rivers was going to be a record breaker. During his college years, Rivers passed for over 2500 yards every season and peaked at 4491 yards in his final year.

When he joined the NFL, Rivers spent his first 2 years on the bench. Only playing one game in each season. If he had been able to start in both of those seasons, he could have been higher on this list.

Between 2006 and 2020, Rivers didn’t pass for less than 3100 yards a year. Most years he made it over the 4000 yard mark. His best year was in 2015 when he passed for 4,792 across the season.

Over his 7 postseason competitions, Rivers was able to pass for over 2000 yards.

#4 – Brett Favre, retired 2010, 71,838 career yards

We don’t need to explain to any of you who Brett Favre is, but just in case you have been living under a rock – Favre is one of the all-time greats of the NFL.

Farve played for the Atlanta Falcons (1991), then for the Green Bay Packers (1992–2007), for New York Jets (2008), and ended his career with the Minnesota Vikings (2009–2010).

Favre had a mixed passing career at college, he played understudy for a lot of his time with the Eagles.

However, he had a much more successful time once he joined the NFL.

In 1991, Favre played 2 games and made no successful passes, but things changed in 1992 when he passed for 3227 and started the majority of the season.

His yards peaked in 1995 when he led the league with 4,413 yards, he also led the league in 1997.

#3 – Payton Manning, retired 2015, 71,940 career yards

Payton Manning is another titan of the NFL – who played for the Indianapolis Colts (1998–2011) and the Denver Broncos (2012–2015) during his 17 year career.

As we mentioned above, Manning holds the record for most yards thrown in one season (5477 yards). Manning led the league in passes in four different seasons.

Between 1999 and 2014, Manning didn’t pass for less than 4200 yards each season. His postseason passing total was 1,027 yards. And he passed for 1001 yards over his 4 Super Bowl appearances.

#2 – Drew Brees, retired 2020, 80,358 career yards

There is a jump of over 9000 yards between spots #3 and #2 and at #2 we find Drew Brees. Brees played for the San Diego Chargers (2001–2005)and the New Orleans Saints (2006–2020). He retired in 20202.

Brees led the league in passing yards for 7 different seasons during his 19 year career. He had multiple +5000 seasons. He passed for over 5,366 yards in total for his postseason career.

While Drew Brees doesn’t get a lot of credit as a quarterback, his passing ability was out of this world. He holds the NFL record for All-time most completed passes and most passes completed in one season.

#1 – Tom Brady, still playing, 82,607 career yards (as of Week 13, 2021)

No one is surprised to see Tom Brady at the top of this list. His record-breaking career has been widely covered over the last 20 years. Brady played for the New England Patriots (2000–2019) during their most successful period and moved to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2020. He won the Super Bowl with the Bucs that year.

The only player still competing that is close to beating Brady’s record is Ben Roethlisberger, do you think he has a chance at knocking Brady off the top spot? What about Matt Ryan or Arron Rodgers? You can find NFL betting odds here and place a bet on it.

Brady’s best passing year was in 2011 when he passed for 5,235 yards. Brady holds the record for most postseason yards (12,449 yards), and most Super Bowl yards (3,039). He has played in a lot of them.

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