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Family Fun Times

mericans love cars just about as much as they love their own family members… Just kidding, Americans are some of the most family-oriented people in the world, but they still do really love their cars and treat them perhaps, as part of the family. This is why there are cars like the Subaru WRX, a super fun, very capable, and nicely balanced sedan that is suitable for the whole family. Car enthusiasts and driving fanatics can now, more than ever before, find a car that will deliver the excitement and poise they crave along with the livability and practicality needed to accommodate a small family.

Subaru WRX

Under the bulky, broad hood of the Subaru WRX is a vivacious 2.0-liter turbocharged flat-four engine dialed to cede up to 268 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque to all four wheels via a six-speed manual gearbox or continuously variable automatic transmission. With those outputs, the sporty rally-derived sedan can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in a quick five seconds flat and up to a top speed of 150 mph. The WRX’s sharp steering, instant power, and willful road grip inspires confidence in the driver and makes it feel a lot lighter than it is around corners and tight bends. Alongside its very entertaining drive characteristics, the WRX’s three-box, four-door layout, comprehensive infotainment system, and near-perfect safety and reliability ratings make it a fitting family car, too.


Porsche Taycan

From the premium side of the spectrum, the Porsche Taycan brings with it a very sporty yet still obviously high-end aesthetic. It shares some of the Porsche 911’s design cues with its forward slanted and elongated hood and coupe-styled rear end. It’s a true performance electric vehicle designed for pure driving pleasure and everyday practicality. There are numerous powertrains offered with the variety of models all boasting high-hp and torque outputs. Acceleration is rapid off-the-line with any of the units thanks to that instantaneous torque delivery from the electric motors. EV range and gas mileage-equivalent figures vary depending on the powertrain and trim, but as an EV, the Taycan is super economical. It has an ultra-modern, luxurious, and very spacious cabin, too, so the whole family can enjoy the special experience.


Volkswagen Golf GTI

The VW Golf GTI is deemed one of, if not the best hot hatch money can buy in the USA. It’s lauded for its classic VW aesthetic, brisk acceleration and fun and adroit handling dynamics. It’s surprisingly smooth and comfortable on the road, too, so when the kids have fallen asleep in the back seat after an exhilarating ride or exhausting day, you can tranquilly get them home without fear of waking them up. A peppy 2.0-liter turbo-four spurs 228 hp and 258 lb-ft for the front wheels where an electronic limited-slip differential manages output distribution. 60 mph comes in a decent 6.4 seconds from a standstill, but the GTI’s fun and enthusiasm really comes through in its handling.


Dodge Durango SRT

Even muscle car fanatics can follow their passions and support a family at the same time. With its potent and burly 475 hp V8 unit, aggressive demeanor, massive size, and seating for up to six, the Dodge Durango SRT brings muscle-car reverly to the whole family. Despite its immense size and weight, the SRT launches to 60 mph in just 4.4 seconds from off-the-line. Unfortunately, where the SRT’s size and weight does hinder it is in its ride comfort as its stiff suspension makes that size and weight known around bends and over road bumps. Its cabin and seats are otherwise contemporary and commodious and outfitted to deliver total luxury.


Mercedes-AMG E63 Wagon

Wagons may not be the most popular types of vehicles these days for any specific focus, be it performance or day-to-day functionality. When it comes to poised performance and excellent day-to-day livability and practicality, the Mercedes-AMG E63 Wagon is a winner. It’s a really cool looking car and performs as awesomely as it looks. It’ll launch from 0-60 mph in an eye watering 3.4 seconds and top out at 188 mph. The E63 will fit just five occupants but every single one of them will be sitting on cloud nine. There’s space galore and numerous features to enjoy, plus plenty of storage points and even a 35 cubic foot trunk.



It’s clear that there are many fanatics within the automotive industry that have seen the need for fun cars that are practical enough to accommodate a family. Thanks to them, there are genuinely enjoyable and practical cars in just about every price point and segment out there.


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