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Facility Management: Why does your company need a CMMS?

Facility management is a key part of any organization’s ability to work well. So, it’s important to know what it does and that how it’s set up has a big effect on business. As with any other maintenance process, proactive actions and modern CMMS solutions can make facility management a lot easier and better.

Facility Management: Why does your company need a CMMS?

FM isn’t just about changing light bulbs.

A facility manager has a lot more to do and take care of than just simple maintenance tasks. Professionals are there to make sure that the business runs smoothly every day. They do this by making sure that all facilities are safe and can be used. Their day-to-day decisions should help the organization change and help figure out how to improve equipment and infrastructure in the future. Their plumbing skills will always be useful, but there is much more to this job than that. For example, you need to be good at managing people and know a lot about mechanical and electrical things.

Taking care of an asset’s health is at the heart of any good maintenance plan. A good FM program will take care of equipment, building parts, and infrastructure, but it will also take care of the company’s culture and the health of its employees. The range of work includes pretty much everything, from taking care of the office to lease, cleaning, and accounting to marketing and customer service. The smart way to do things would be to combine the most up-to-date IT systems with applications like FM software to ensure full compliance and improve the organization’s overall efficiency.

FM is the process of managing and maintaining an organization’s facilities in a way that helps the business be as productive as possible and makes things better for the employees.

What is the right way to run a building, and why is it important?

A good strategy for facility management is one that cuts costs and boosts staff productivity by going deep into all parts of a business. All of this is only possible with planned actions that help figure out why a problem happened and how it can be avoided or lessened in the future.

To improve efficiency and save time and energy, it is important to use modern FM software that can be used on mobile devices. Professionals can work with large amounts of information and learn important things about the facility management lifecycle when they use a smart solution.

Facility managers can work on the go with a modern mobile maintenance app that keeps them agile, responsive, and flexible.

How does a CMMS help managers of buildings?

CloudApper CMMS can help professionals in many ways because it is a useful tool for putting a facility management strategy into action in an effective and efficient way.

Added value to assets

Long-term preventive and predictive maintenance can greatly improve the reliability and availability of equipment and make it last much longer.


CloudApper CMMS helps managers keep track of and coordinate the actions of other employees, as well as take past and future actions into account when making important decisions.

Productivity went up

The solution can be used to plan and keep track of employees’ schedules.

Notifications that are planned

When the next planned maintenance is coming up, the system will let you know.

Better communication within the company

All levels of an organization can use CloudApper CMMS to submit a new work request or check on the status of an existing one.

Reporting and breaking down

CloudApper CMMS can store any kind of data, from plans and pictures to data from condition monitoring and the history of an asset. This is a good source of information that can be used to improve very important decisions and build algorithms for predictive maintenance.

Spare Parts Management

One system can keep track of all the parts and supplies that were bought.

Auditing and Making Sure

Facility managers can use FM software to get a building ready for an audit and keep track of regulatory and professional certifications to make sure everything is legal and safe.

CloudApper CMMS gives facility managers more information about the building they are in charge of. This lets them better analyze problems and make better decisions about things like industry health and safety regulations, how to get rid of trash, and how to better manage common areas like the parking lot. Only businesses that understand the value of facility management and include facility managers in strategic decision-making can gain a competitive edge and improve overall business productivity.


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