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Exploring Places Around here in Slovakia by Taking Up a Local Bus

Slovakia is a small part of the European country, with around five and a half million residents. It is one of the great destinations for people who want to travel within budgetand has a lot of outdoor activities. As compared to any other places, here food, travel and activities are much cheaper.

When you have so much to travel, one of the best possible options for travelling is the bus. With this, you can travel to all possible small villages and towns in Slovakia. The maximum number of buses are from the Bus station Bratislava. The tickets for this can be bought from the driver or they can be reserved at the bus stations or online. It will be more convenient if you use a train for longer destinations and buses for a local one. Nivy is the bus station where you can take buses to every corner of Slovakia. Their online site can help you get details about bus arrivals and departures.

About Domestic Bus Lines

As we said earlier, buses are one of the cheapest and most convenient ways to travel to local distances in Slovakia. However, this means it can be useful to travel between towns and villages where you will not find the railway station, but if you got to travel longer distances, then buses will not be of any use.


MDH is one of the public city transports that can help to travel within town. This will usually cost you a minimum of 1 EUR. Apart from this, you can use trolleys and trams for moving to larger towns.

International Bus travel

There are buses also available to travel to foreign destinations if you are looking for budget travelling. You can get information on various bus lines through various websites.

Bus and Train timetables

There are various combined websites where you can find information on bus and train travel. They can give you information on how these buses are going to function with multiple buses, trains and bus-train combinations.

Though Slovakia is a beautiful place with a lot of activities to do, winter is not the right time to travel here. Though there are many snow sports that you can enjoy here in winter, but due to the harsh weather, many of the other activities are put on halt. Thus, if you want to experience a good time here, you need to visit during the summer or spring season.


Many of the large transport companies do provide discounts for passengers less than 26 years of age and adults above 60 years of age. But they need to show their legal documents to prove their identity and their age such as an ID card and a passport.

Travelling by train too is great here in Slovakia. Most of the towns and cities here are located near the train line, from where you get buses to travel to smaller villages. Train travel is also affordable here where the minimum rate is 5 EUR per 100 km. here the express train is called the IC i.e., within the country and internationally called EC. The express trains here are quickas compared to regular trains.


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