Escape from Tarkov: – A multiplayer shooting game with a realistic experience

Escape from Tarkov is a multiplayer shooter game developed and published by Battlestate games. The designer and composer are Nikita Buyanov for Microsoft Windows platforms. The game is set in the fiction of Norvinsk Region, where the walking place between private military companies. In the game, a player needs to join the match known as raids, where they need to find another player for loot, and their main aim is to survive or escape. A player can quickly lose the game if they lose all the items that are collected in the entire gaming section; through this, with the help of a match, one can get new expectations.

The game is suitable for those who like to play all-action games. Moreover, in the entire giving section, players will get lots of chances to earn profit which can be used in the winning aspect. There are lots of things that a player needs to consider while playing the game but it will be only possible if they understand all the gaming concepts as it is an action-based game, so the player has to collect all the knowledge about its rules and regulations before making any decision. However, one can use tarkov cheats to unlock some exciting features. To understand the game, one can use offline mode as it will not record any history in the main game. Through this day they can do grading practice, and they have a right to shoot as much as they can.


  • The developer of Escape from Tarkov has made a game for giving a realistic shooting game where a player needs to put lots of effort to survive. Moreover, they need to fight with other players in the online section. In recent times several modes of the game are available where the player has the right to choose anyone to play.
  • In raids, the gamer can choose to play the game in a group or solo. Moreover, it is essential for them to select the map which helps them in giving guidance of location. In between the game, you will get some extraction points on the other side of the game. They need to fight against other players on their own character to reach the point of escape.
  • However, you will get the opportunity to use optional points in between the map in order to meet some requirements as per the extract. Sometimes players can also use tarkov cheats to get more experience in a realistic game. On the other hand, the gamer will also find the loot from these maps, like types of equipment and firearms. These things are used in future games or can be sold to other players in the market.
  • When a gamer dies in a raid, they lose everything which They brought into it. Moreover, they can secure their weapons, ensuring that they will return to them if these are not taken by other players. The scavenger raid players will get a random set of equipment instead of a personal stash.
  • Sometimes a player dies as a scavenger then there is a timer which makes the game available for a player once again. It is because the raid lasts between 15 to 45 minutes and might contain 14 players at one time.

Best weapons in Escape from Tarkov

There are different kinds of guns available in the game, which means we need to know some of the essential guns. Thus, here are some of them that help the player to know more about the gaming section.


The famous game that gives the best experience to you in connection with the game is AS VAL. It is a silenced automatic rifle that has a tremendous inbuilt structure. Basically, the gun is not made for long-distance but provides a high rate of firing with limited recoil that helps the player in impacting the skills.

VSS Vintorez

The famous gun can be used in the entire gaming section in dealing with multiple situations. We can say that it is a sniper rifle with lots of features, and this is similar to AS VAL gun, which helps the gamer in dealing with several situations, and one of them is killing enemies. Most of the time, one can use its feature to stop damages with good penetration.


If you are a professional player of the game, then you might have heard about MP7, and almost all the players like to collect this gun in-game because of its exciting features and lightweight. Furthermore, most of the players are always considered to have this gun because of close-quarters combat. Therefore, if the player wants to take a close shot, then they can use the gun, which helps them in dealing with clause hits efficiently. Moreover, a player will not see any distraction in between the shooting.


It is an assault rifle that is considered an essential gun with some attachment. Before using the gun, the player needs to complete 30 rounds per minute. Moreover, a player needs to make sure that all the things are added as per the guidance. Try to use the gun for both distance coverage.


Once a player has easily grabbed the knowledge about the game, then there is nothing that can create some confusion. If you like to play a game that gives you a real-life action experience, then it is the best option. Moreover, you can play it as a team or solo, but some players always like to use multiplayer mode. Through these aspects, one can easily understand the knowledge of teamwork.

Sometimes to understand the game, one can use offline mode where you can practice your shooting. The history of this game will not be added to the game. Once you enter into the main game, you can start the game with new aspects. If anyone wants to get a better experience in the game, then one can use Tarkov cheats.

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