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Employers willing to replace workers with AI technology – Orange County Register

Do you feel indispensable in the world of artificial intelligence?

Your fears are not unfounded.a new report According to Beautiful.ai, 66% of workplace managers are willing to replace workers with AI tools if the technology creates comparable jobs.

Sixty-nine percent said it would be “financially beneficial” to replace workers with AI technology, and 68% cited reduced labor costs.

“Companies are embracing and embracing AI in their workflows to improve efficiency and increase output,” says the report. “In fact, 95% of those interviewed said their teams have already started using AI tools.”

Customer service representatives and IT support technicians are among the employees most likely to be replaced by AI technology. Many cubicles may become vacant in the future. (Document photo)

Beautiful.ai, which uses artificial intelligence to create corporate presentations and reports, found that in its February 20-23 survey, “The Future of AI in the Workplace: A Survey of American Managers,” 3,000 managers We conducted a survey of senior executives.

Of the 3,000 managers surveyed, 34% prepare their employees for adoption of AI tools by educating them, and 22% self-test AI tools they find useful in the workplace.

Additional findings:

  • 90% of executives believe AI tools will become more popular as job cuts continue during times of economic uncertainty
  • 75% believe employees fear that using AI tools will lead to eventual dismissal
  • Managers say cybersecurity related to the use of AI tools is their biggest concern.

another report According to NetVoucherCodes, California employees are hit double as they have the most jobs at risk.

NetVoucherCodes compiled data for 199 jobs in each state using usawage.com’s Top 200 Most Popular Jobs for 2022. Then ChatGPT, his one of the latest AI technologies to enter the workplace, introduced AI, the relative risk of each job through automation, and AI that makes each job more productive.

ChatGPT delivers amazingly human-like responses to user queries, collating information in seconds that would otherwise take hours to gather.

According to a NetVoucherCodes report, 321,900 jobs in California are at high risk of being replaced by AI technology, and another 1.2 million jobs are at moderate risk. In automation, more than 2 million Golden State jobs are at high risk and nearly 4 million are at moderate risk.

On a broader scale, the company projects that AI will enhance more than 15.7 million jobs in the U.S. to boost productivity, while replacing 19.4 million jobs in the process.

NetVoucherCodes lists the top 10 US jobs most at risk of being replaced by AI.

  • Cashier (3.3 million+)
  • Customer Service Representatives (2.7M+)
  • Bookkeeper (991,047)
  • IT Support Technician (690,525)
  • Billing Clerk (477,349)
  • Human Resources Assistant (384,826)
  • Paralegal Assistant (336,250)
  • Compliance Officer (334,340)
  • Claim Adjusters (314,300)
  • Executive Assistant (304,678)

The report doesn’t give a timeline for when all of these jobs will be hijacked by technology, but the numbers show mass job losses are inevitable.

Amazon already has a deep foothold in the world of AI. The company’s Amazon Fresh grocery store in Southern California is equipped with “Just Walk Out” technology based on AI, image recognition and sensors.

Customers can enter the store by scanning the in-store QR code in the Amazon app using Amazon One or by inserting a credit or debit card to open the Just Walk Out gate.

Anything the shopper takes off the shelf is automatically added to the virtual cart, and anything that comes back out of there. When you’re done shopping, simply scan or insert your entry instructions again to exit the store.

Tracy Brower, sociologist and author of “The Secrets to Happiness at Work,” acknowledged that AI can be precise and lightning fast, while humans can act “slowly, slowly.” but, recent guest posts In Forbes, she said humans still have some distinct advantages.

“Humans are creative. They design something out of nothing, instinct, infer, adapt, and work with nuances,” says Brower. “People also have a peculiar curiosity — to imagine, to explore, to wonder.”

https://www.ocregister.com/2023/03/27/report-employers-would-gladly-replace-workers-with-ai-technology/ Employers willing to replace workers with AI technology – Orange County Register

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