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Elon Musk Names Big Winner and Big Loser of Russo-Ukrainian War

The billionaire and a big supporter of Ukraine said the conflict has fostered an alliance between Russia and China while showing the limits of US diplomacy.

Global CEO Elon Musk is not surprised.

The billionaire has gained influence and global geopolitical power thanks to Starlink, a satellite Internet access service provided by his company SpaceX.

Last month, Musk made a big prediction.

A serial entrepreneur who has been pleading for months for a peaceful resolution to the war between Russia and Ukraine warned that the conflict would have unimaginable consequences for the world order.

But his pleas have been ignored, and especially in the Western camp, Ukrainian supporters say not to defeat Russia sends a message to other dictatorships.

Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022. This gratuitous aggression generated a powerful wave of support for Kiev from NATO and its partners.

new cold war

The conflict was presented as a clash between dictatorship and democracy. Russia and Putin were dictators, and Ukraine and her allies represented democracy.

According to the Ukrainian camp and its supporters, the idea was to avoid signaling to the dictator that he would invade a free and independent country with no consequences.

For Putin, the war had to be quick. What he called a “special military operation” in Ukraine was intended to bring about regime change in Kiev and the “de-nazification” and demilitarization of the country. It will develop into “liberation” and eventually annexation of the occupied territories.

However, the offensive was expected to last several days and faced heavy Ukrainian resistance. Russian troops made rapid progress in the first few weeks, but after a year they occupied only one-sixth (16.7%) of Ukraine’s territory (of which, according to official data, since 2014, when Russia occupied Crimea). 6.45% were already occupied).

Assessing the exact number of casualties on both sides of the conflict is very difficult. Official figures are not available. But indeed, the conflict has killed tens of thousands and displaced millions. Ukraine claims to have killed more than 150,000 Russian soldiers. I do not publish the tally of my own deaths.

The conflict is a Cold War reenactment, apparently splitting the world in two. In the West with those who support Ukraine, in the East with Russia. A few countries are not allies, but most of the time we hear about two “new” blocks.

Musk believes the conflict has already handed over winners and losers. That’s what he suggested in a Twitter thread. And the biggest winner is the emergence of a new Russian-Chinese alliance. The big loser is America’s diplomacy, whose actions have led to the new Russia-China axis, the king of techno seems to say.

His remarks were made during a visit to Moscow by Chinese President Xi Jinping with Vladimir Putin.

“American Diplomacy Skills Bronze Level”

“Everyone is distracted by Trump’s impending arrest, but President Xi Jinping called Putin a ‘dear friend’.” “Thanks to Joe Biden, America is divided.” , the two strongest adversaries are united.”

Musk did not hesitate to comment, saying the settlement was “inevitable” to him.

“Inevitable. America’s diplomatic skills are bronze,” the billionaire roared.

Serial entrepreneurs seem to be repeating criticisms they made in the past. For him, the US diplomat has lost his power of persuasion and has become a warmonger.

He suggests that Russia’s isolation has had the opposite effect. That spurred China, America’s great rival, to accept Putin.

The State Department did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Last month, as Putin became increasingly isolated on the international stage, Musk had already predicted that America’s position on the conflict would lead to an alliance between Russia and China.

President Xi Jinping will arrive in Moscow on March 20th and will stay there until March 22nd. This is his three-day state visit because he hopes China will emerge as a mediator in the war in Ukraine.

In an article published in the Russian newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta, Xi described his visit as “a journey of friendship, cooperation and peace.”

The visit comes days after the International Criminal Court (ICC) announced it had issued arrest warrants for war crimes against Putin and Russian officials. The ICC said the Russian president has held individual criminal responsibility for the kidnapping and “illegal” deportation of Ukrainian children since the start of the Russian-Ukrainian war.

Xi’s visit to Moscow is therefore clearly in favor of Putin. Beijing has never condemned Russian aggression and has strong economic ties with Russia.

According to Chinese officials, the volume of trade between the two countries will reach a “record high” in 2022. The West imposes sanctions on Russia.

https://www.thestreet.com/technology/elon-musk-names-big-winner-and-big-loser-of-russia-ukraine-war Elon Musk Names Big Winner and Big Loser of Russo-Ukrainian War

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