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Ecovacs Deebot T10 Omni Review: Floors Cleaner Than Ever

My floors have never been this clean in the last month. I’ve been testing three of Ecovacs’ newest robot vacuums. Deebot T10 Omni, Deebot T9+ and the Deebot N10+. All three models double as vacuums and mops and use the Ecovacs app for mapping capabilities and advanced controls.

It basically has all the extra features you want. I tested all three, but the one that took the most time and energy was $1,199 T10 Omni through the squeezer.

Ecovacs Deebot T10 Omni: What you need to know

Over the last ten years or so, I’ve used a lot of robot vacuum cleaners. There is also one from his iRobot with the Roomba name and one from his Ecovacs under the Deebot brand.My experience with both brands has been mixed, with some of his Deebot models resetting the home map constantly, and Roomba Just right My job is to clean the floor.

What these models have in common is that they are often entry-level models from their respective brands. So when I was given the chance to test the T10 Omni, I was both intrigued by all its advanced features and intimidated by all it could do. That means it has a camera that can live stream directly to your phone as you drive around the house. crazy!

Initial setup and design

Jason Cipriani/The Street

In the enclosed box, T10 Omni It comes with everything you need to get it up and running, except for the mopping solution. Comes with robot, Omni station (basically the robot’s home), dust bag, brush, mop pad and plate, and cleaning brush and tools.

The docking station should have enough space. It has a large size of 17.63 x 16.93 x 22.76 and needs extra space in front and on both sides so that the robot has enough space to operate. This way you can safely return to base for recharging.

The robot is equipped with a LIDAR laser system combined with a built-in camera and various sensors that work together to map the house and identify objects in the room such as furniture and cables. You can do navigation.

The bottom of the robot has two side brushes and a removable floating brush in the middle. Three brushes move dirt and debris to a central location before sucking it into a removable dust bin. The dust bin itself is emptied into the base when the robot returns to charging.

Jason Cipriani/The Street

When mopping hard floors, two mop pads should be placed on the bottom of the robot. The pads slide over the posts and are held in place by magnets. I have yet to have an issue with the pad coming off the vacuum during use. Once the pad is attached, the vacuum will automatically switch from vacuum only to vacuum and mop mode.

Removing the magnetic cover on top of the robot reveals the dust bin, power switch and Wi-Fi setup button.

As for the setup, the first steps are easy. Once you’ve unpacked everything and found your station location, Ecovacs App, set up an account, follow the prompts to connect the vacuum to your home Wi-Fi network, update the software, and even give it a name. I named her Rosie.

After that, simply charge the vacuum and run your first cleaning session to map your home while cleaning your floors. Ecovacs recommends just vacuuming, not mopping, on the first run to let the robot map the entire house. Once the map is created, you can fine-tune it by splitting, merging, and labeling rooms, identifying furniture to be included in the scan, and marking areas you don’t want vacuumed.

As I mentioned before, in the past, after a few cleaning sessions, my Deebot vacuum forgot the map of my house, or the vacuum got stuck and I had to pick it up and move it. I ran into a problem. There were several instances when I lifted or moved the vacuum during testing, but nothing like that happened.

Function and performance

Jason Cipriani/The Street

of T10 Omni It has a dual purpose of being able to both vacuum and mop. A docking station that travels inside the box contains a dust bin used to empty the vacuum at the end of each cleaning session and two 4 liter reservoirs (one for clean water and one for dirty water). for ) is included. There is also a built-in hot air drying function for the mop pad after each cleaning session.

As previously mentioned, the robot stays in vacuum only mode until you place a pad on the bottom of the robot, after which it switches to mop and vacuum mode. I have the base station in the dining room, which leads to the kitchen. Both areas are the only non-carpeted areas in my home. So most of the time I left the mop pad off, but occasionally put it on and used the Ecovacs app to initiate a cleaning session for a specific area.

I know that some robot vacuums, such as the Roborock S8 Pro Ultra and iRobot Roomba J7+, allow the mop pad to be lifted off the floor for the robot to move over the carpet while cleaning. T10 Omni It lacks that functionality.

In my home’s first vacuum run, it paused mid-area to empty the trash can, but then the T10 Omni returned to where it stopped to complete the session. The same thing happens when using the mop function. When it detects that the mop pad is dirty, it returns to the station, docks, rinses, and returns to where it was last cleaned.

Jason Cipriani/The Street

Both modes made my floors visibly cleaner, which I think my allergies are more pleased with than me and my wife. Sometimes the charging cable is left on the floor, but he’s the only time in the last month that the T10 Omni actually got stuck in the charging cable. Otherwise, avoid most cables altogether.

The T10 Omni has a built-in personal assistant that lets you use the wake word ‘Yiko’ followed by commands like ‘vacuum under the couch’. Sounds convenient, but theoretically, normal conversation or accidentally triggering his Yiko multiple times, and in some cases he’s multiple times a day, should turn the vacuum off within a few days of setting it up. It is a function that And for those interested, the commands are not customizable. It’s not Y child or anything.

If something goes wrong, it’s much easier to open the app and start a cleaning session than randomly hear the vacuum talking to you. This is eerie in the futuristic sense.

Speaking of spookiness, you can use the Ecovacs app to stream a live view from Omni’s camera to your phone, or even talk to someone using the built-in two-way audio. At one point I tried this feature with my kids and they quickly labeled it as incredibly creepy.

I understand that, and I have no objections. However, there is some value in having a camera that can be moved between rooms if absolutely necessary.

Overall, I’m happy with this method T10 Omni appeared. Floors are cleaner and trash bins no longer need to be emptied. Aside from the occasional mopping, it’s a completely hands-off experience. That’s exactly how it should be.

get it.

See the rest of the Ecovacs line-up

of T10 Omni It’s not the only recent addition to the Ecovacs line. Deebot T9+ and Deebot N10+ are new mid-range and entry-level options. I’ve had both set up at home for about a month, testing them side by side with the T10 Omni, and it’s time to share some thoughts on each.

Deebot T9+: What you need to know


of Deebot T9+ It’s a step below the all-inclusive T10 Omni in terms of price and features. Full price is $800, but with frequent sales (always look out for it), you can get it significantly cheaper. right now, On sale for $600.

The T9+ has better obstacle avoidance compared to the N10 Plus (discussed below) and acts as a vacuum cleaner and a mop. And perhaps my favorite part is the built-in air freshener that lightly scents the air as you inhale the crumbs. Dust and garbage around the house.

I installed the T9+ in my kid’s playroom, which is usually a place where food crumbs and random litter abound, but I was impressed with how clean the floors looked and kept the room smelling fresh. I received The dustbin used for automatic emptying is still not full after a month of testing.

For most people I bet the T9+ is just the right option in the Ecovacs Deebot lineup.. It’s not as expensive as the T10 Omni and has more features than the N10 Plus, so it’s worth paying a little more upfront. If that sounds like what you’re looking for, start your search with the N10 Plus.

get it.

Deebot N10+: What you need to know


of Deebot N10+means it has the least features and therefore the cheapest of the three new vacuums. At full price, expect to pay $650, but I haven’t seen one at full price yet, so I highly recommend checking his website for Ecovacs often.Now discounted to $500.

The N10+ can be used for two purposes with the functions of vacuum cleaner and mop. I’ve only used it as a vacuum cleaner so far, but it’s been very helpful in keeping my office floors clean. You won’t have access to some of the advanced features like the T10 Omni, especially when it comes to obstacle avoidance, but you can use the app to set boundaries and areas that the N10+ will keep out.

When I first ran the N10+ at my office, some code got tangled up. This was my fault for not cleaning thoroughly before running. However, since the first run, we have blocked the robot from accessing problem areas using the Ecovacs app.

Once the cleaning routine is complete, it will empty itself into the trash can. It has enough battery power to clean for up to 330 minutes.

If you’re looking for a robot vacuum with minimal frills that can complete the basic task of cleaning floors, N10+Worth a visit.

get it.

Bottom line: Is the Ecovacs Debot robot vacuum worth it?

Robot vacuum cleaners are an interesting technology gadget. Traditional vacuum cleaners are affordable and easy enough to use, so these aren’t necessities. But where automated gadgets really shine is in saving time. In my household, life has become increasingly hectic, and despite good intentions such as vacuuming the floor once a week, it is easy to put it off.

of The T10 Omni seems to do it all, there is little to complain about. I wish he didn’t have to specifically find the time to tell him to mop and leave the mopping attachment attached so he could really do double duty. But it works.of T9+ is the Goldilocks of the group, which provides a combination of features that are both reliable and performant. on the other hand, N10+ is an entry model That gets the job done.

Whichever model you choose, Ecovacs have an option for everyone in terms of features and price.

Prices are accurate and product availability is current at the time of publication.

https://www.thestreet.com/deals/ecovacs-deebot-t10-omni-review-robot-vacuum Ecovacs Deebot T10 Omni Review: Floors Cleaner Than Ever

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