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East Bay Police reveal new details about how 94-year-old died after drinking cleaner fluid at care home

WALNUT CREEK — Despite dementia, 94-year-old Constantine Kanoon accidentally drank a cleaning agent left in an unlocked cabinet in the nursing home where he lived. I found it funny.

When Latecia Sterling, an employee at the Walnut Creek Nursing Home, returned to the kitchen area and asked what was wrong, he said, “I was poisoned.”

Kanon was right. It turns out he accidentally drank EcoLab 14 Plus Antibacterial All-Purpose Cleaner. It is a very strong disinfectant and has warnings for inhalation and skin contact as well as ingestion.Chemical substance severely damaged the stomach and esophagusand he died on August 31, 2022, eight days after drinking what police believed he mistook for a sugary drink.

In subsequent investigations, officials wanted to know: Despite his dementia, why was Qanun alone when he ingested the chemicals? Why did he have access to the chemicals when they were supposed to be locked up in the first place?

Kanoon’s death coincided with a similar tragedy at another Atria facility in the Bay Area. Gertrude “Trudy” Maxwell and Peter Schroeder Jr.both 93, filed a lawsuit against Atria Senior Living in San Mateo County Superior Court last September. It claims two people died on May 27.

Further shrouding Qanun’s death, his son told police, the facility manager initially told him his father drank the cleaning fluid, then changed the story. , said the cause of his illness was actually spicy Cheetos, officials said.

Contra Costa prosecutor after police investigation filed a single elder abuse accusation Against Sterling, a 54-year-old San Pablo resident who allegedly left his room and stored chemicals in an unlocked cabinet. Sterling has been released from prison and will face a preliminary hearing in court on February 17. There, a judge will consider her evidence against her and decide whether to order her to stand her trial or dismiss her case.

Prosecutors considered manslaughter charges against Sterling but chose not to press charges, officials said.

Now, investigators have uncovered new details about what led to Qanoon’s death.

Shortly before 9:00 PM on August 23, 2022, Kanoun was ushered into a bedroom in the facility’s amnesiac unit. Meanwhile, Starling was preparing dinner in the facility’s canteen, but at some point, according to police, she left. I say I told them later that I was eating veggies, fiery hot Cheetos. He was also coughing, she told authorities.

When she asked what was wrong, Kanoon replied that he had been poisoned, officials said. When she asked Kanoon if he drank the liquid, he replied yes, officials say.

In a police interview, Sterling admitted that the kitchen had to be locked because chemicals were stored in it, but said it was inconvenient to keep it unlocked all day. He alerted an in-house medical technician, who said he had called 911.

If prosecutors persuade a judge to uphold the elder abuse accusation against Sterling, it opens the way to trial or plea bargain negotiations. is a probable cause, much lower than that given in

https://www.mercurynews.com/2023/02/15/ive-been-poisoned-east-bay-police-reveal-details-of-94-year-old-man-who-died-after-drinking-cleaner-fluid-at-care-home/ East Bay Police reveal new details about how 94-year-old died after drinking cleaner fluid at care home

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