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Easiest Ways of Making Money with Photography

We all love making money. In fact, the whole point behind studying hard and honing skills is earning a handsome salary and leading a satisfying life. The photography industry is one of those few industries wherein one has a chance to live the passion while taking a hefty pay-check back home.

If the reports of The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics are to be believed, the average salary of a photographer is $34,070. Out of the total, 75% of photographers earn more than this amount. This is a decent salary. But, do you want more? Well, it’s possible.

You have several ways to increase your average income if you’re willing to go that extra mile. So, if you’re a freelance photographer and need to double-up your income, learn about these ways today.

And, if you know a photography lover who is struggling hard to make both ends meet or searching for the best photo editing software, share these easy money-making ways with them. It will undoubtedly be the best gifts for photographers.

Note: All these money-making ways demand no investments and will certainly work if you stick to them.

1.   Start selling your photos on stock image websites

Do you have a sizable image collection handy and wondering how to use it? Well, don’t wait any longer and start selling them on stock image sites. There are many out there wherein you can submit your clicks, wait for a review, and earn for each download if the image is accepted for submission.

This is probably the least hassled way to have a passive income for your hard work done. Of course, the per-download cost is not too high. But, something is better than nothing. And, your clicks are captivating, you’ll have more downloads and more money. Some trustworthy sites to try on are BigStock, iStock, and Shutterstock.

You can even collaborate with near shop gift shops and search a bit on gifts for photography lovers that people could give to their friends, e.g., collage of pictures you have clicked or a custom printed t-shirt/mugs with an image clicked and edited by you.

2.   Create a Flickr account

Don’t want to take the help of third parties and have a low-income percentage? Well, try Flicker. One can create an account for this website for free, upload the clicks, and license them via Getty Images. Once this is done, you’ll get a commission for each download, which is a little higher than what you’ll get from stock websites.

If you’re looking for an ideal gift for photographers then create an account on Flicker on their behalf and introduce this easy way of money-making. They will certainly be happy to have it.

3.   Participate in photography contests

If you think that you’re a beginner and can’t be a part of a photography contest as it’s a pro thing, then you need to rethink. Photography contests are one of the easiest ways to have those extra bucks in your pocket.

In addition, each time you participate in a contest, you learn something new as you compete with others. So, you have a chance to be a better version of yourself. There is nothing to lose.

And if you win, it’s a lottery for you. Some of the most famous photography content are:

  • National Geographic Your Shot
  • International Photography Awards
  • Nikon Small World
  • Sony World Photography Awards

Winning and even participating in all these contests will bring only good for you.

4.   Create YouTube Channel

YouTube can bring unmatched name and fame if it gets clicked. The platform is available for everyone and doesn’t demand any huge investments.

You can start your YouTube channel and bring your work to everyone’s attention. You can post reviews, tips, tutorials, and various other kinds of content on your channel.

If you manage to get more views, you’ll get ad offers, paid partnerships, and affiliate marketing opportunities. So, money will keep on coming.

5.   Write blogs

If you’re good at writing then you can create a blog website as well. Content marketing is a huge hit in every industry. Even if you’re not that good at minting words, you can hire a writer. Topics like photography tips, gift ideas for photographers, etc., can be covered on your blog.

Just like the YouTube channel, you’ll have the opportunity to earn via affiliate marketing and ads.

The Final Say

Someone has rightly said that ‘Where there’s a will, there’s the way.’ As a freelance photographer, you can expand your income with zero monetary investments. Of course, efforts and investments are huge. The above-mentioned ways are useful to earn extra income. So, you haven’t tried them yet, go for them today.


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