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Drifted – Are The New Playgrounds And Racetracks In Drift Hunters Max Challenging

Drift Hunters Max online game was launched on February 6th, 2022. Players have taken a great liking to Drift Hunters right from the start. The game is a series and after the latest Drift Hunter Classic, Max is the new series. Drifted.com is a platform that offers online game players a chance to participate in different car games.

Interested people can choose games based on categories including New, Best, Drifting, Racing, Multiplayer, Simulator, Driving, Monster Truck, Motorcycle, Police, Bus, and Shooting games. All the automotive games are offered for free. Entertainment is served to every kind of player.

In 2009, three fans of drifting started Drifted.com. Joe Terrell is an all-around car enthusiast and motoring journalist. Bill Jefferies is the head of their content writing team and a great photographer. Kris Szczepaniec is skilled in drift photograph and covers the US base. There are several other volunteers spread across helping gather the best drifting content, live streams, event reports, etc.

Drift Hunters Max sequence is the outcome of a combined effort between the game developer and the Drifted.com group. Drift Hunters Classic fans on Drifted platform were asked to take a survey. They were asked about what are the drawbacks of playing Drift Hunters Classic. What other dream cars do they want to get included in the car list. The game developer was delighted to add the fan’s request in MAX.

The latest addition allows the players to save their progress. In Classic, there was no feature to resume the game from where they started but the developers added an auto-save feature.

Each car is completely upgradable in tiers, which players purchase with game currency. Drifted.com offers guidelines on how to tune the cars in Drift Hunters game without spending hard-earned points. The main enjoyment is drifting, where players collect points that can be used to unlock different cars and parts.

Playground, touge, and racetracks are the three forms of trajectories available to drift cars. In the playground, players choose their preferred route to mess around. The developers have offered interesting playground designs to muck about. It includes City Streets, Nevada, and Waterfront. Akagi is a narrow and fast-flowing touge track. The racetrack includes Ohio, Ice field, Emashi, Container Yard, Spain, Greenstone, Countryside, and Tyshen offers player’s huge challenges including wide circuits with plenty of sharp corners.

The aerodynamic physics models used outdo reality. It creates real-world tracks that offer recreation of proper drifting and sliding in muscle cars. The physics of every playground, touge, and racetrack is different, so drifting on each one need unique skills.

A die-hard car racing fan, who has not tried the Drift Hunters Max needs to check this game out on Drifted. Check out the free wallpapers, the platform offers. Refresh the old desktop wallpaper with high-resolution drift-related content. The Drifted team ventures around the globe bringing readers exclusive features associated with impressive drift-inspired cars. The team even shares endless drifting videos for their Facebook fans.


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