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Drainage Safety Mats – Waterhog mats

Even if your facility works with oil, water, and various fluids, you can create a slip-free zone. Drainage mats are the best way to accomplish this. The heavy-duty Drainage Safety Mats are one of the best drainage mats on the market for ensuring that liquid drips and splashes drain away safely. The mats can be utilized in a variety of industries and are suitable for both industrial and commercial use.

Waterhog mats are constructed entirely of recycled rubber, making them a sustainable option for your company. The mats are composed of high-quality materials that are extremely durable and resistant to chemicals, oil, and acid. As a result, they’re suitable for a wide range of uses.

Waterhog mats have a high slip resistance rating which means they may be relied on to significantly decrease slip-and-fall accidents and injuries. The mats also have a high liquid drainage rating, fulfilling the most stringent international specifications. Waterhog is the appropriate mat for organizations that place a premium on employee safety.

Employees whose jobs compel them to stand for lengthy periods can place a strain on their health and comfort. Standing stationary for lengthy periods causes blood flow to the feet and legs to become restricted, resulting in discomfort. Hard floors, on the other hand, can aggravate the problem. The anti-fatigue qualities of Vynagrip give employees a comfortable cushioned surface to stand on, alleviating discomfort right away. Because the mat encourages slight movement at all times, blood flow to the legs and feet is increased, making them more comfortable. This is especially crucial because dissatisfied personnel is unable to devote their best efforts to their jobs. They’re preoccupied, which not only reduces production but also increases the risk of costly mistakes. These anti-fatigue mats help employees be more productive by making their working environment more comfortable, as well as reducing employee health issues caused by bad posture and musculoskeletal ailments caused by lengthy periods of standing.

The mat acts as a barrier between the ground and your feet, as well as any objects that may fall to the ground. Their noise and thermal insulating capabilities make for a more peaceful and comfortable working environment.

Because fluids and liquids do not have much surface area to accumulate on, an open-grid design helps them to drain quickly. The top and bottom surfaces of the mat have a diamond tread pattern for added traction.

Waterhog mats also contribute to improving the facility’s general hygiene. Spills and splashes of all types are caught and channeled through the matting. This stops spills and stains from spreading around the facility on the bottoms of shoes.

Let’s go over the characteristics and advantages of Waterhog matting once again:

  • The mat is certified for exceptional slip resistance, so you know it will keep its promise of preventing harmful slips and falls.
  • These mats are excellent for the environment because they are made of 100% recycled material.
  • Anti-fatigue characteristics that help employees stay comfortable, productive, safe, and healthy.
  • Made from a recycled rubber compound that is especially robust against environmental and traffic onslaughts, these mats are exceptionally long-lasting.
  • Chemical, oil, and acid resistance ensure that this mat can withstand even the harshest working conditions.
  • Excellent drainage certification ensures that no fluids will collect on the mat surface, causing a slick surface and a variety of incidents.
  • Cleaning and upkeep are simple.
  • Solid black is an option.

Waterhog mats are a high-quality drainage mat that may be utilized in a wide range of settings, including commercial kitchens, workshops, swimming pools, and factory assembly lines. Outdoor entry mats for commercial places such as malls, hospitals, restaurants, office buildings, and apartment buildings are also possible.

You could have found your solution in Waterhog mats if you’re looking for a good anti-slip drainage mat for your business.

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