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draft 8-how to record screen on a laptop

For mobile phone druggies to record screen, it’s accessible to record screen with the phone’s inbuilt recorder. Well, how to record your laptop desktop without hassle? If your laptop is installed with Mac or Windows 10, you could just start the recording with its own native screen recorder; For other systems, you need to seek backing from third- party screen reporters. No matter which system is espoused, before that, it’s necessary to be clear about the purpose and conditions of the recording.

How to Freely Record Your Laptop Screen on Windows 7, 8, 10 with Audio?

Since a lower interpretation of the Windows System laptop has no inbuilt tool to record screen, similar as Win 7 and Win 8 laptops, you need to find a third- party tool. Or handed you pursue a better experience of recording that the Xbox Game Bar can not achieve, or have advanced conditions for recording videotape and audio, a professional and functional third- party screen recorder works more.

Then this post recommends a free online screen recorder available each for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows8.1 and Windows 10, so that you don’t have to download software and easy to use. That’s iTop Screen recorder.

iTop Screen recorder is a recently launched screen recording tool. Although short in its history, it has overarching functions and can make up for the failings that numerous other screen reporters have. Further crucially, it’s completely free!

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Here is a simple tutorial for how to record a laptop screen:(h3)

 Step 1 Click then to open iTop Screen recorder.

 Step 2 Configure the settings before recording, which step promises the highest quality of footage.

draft 8-how to record screen on a laptop

 Step 3 Select the screen to be recorded ( Entire screen, Application Window or Browser Tab).

 Step 4 Press the Red button REC again to start, and valve Stop after completing the recording.

draft 8-how to record screen on a laptop.jpg


  • Full screen recorder
  • Record clear audio and crisp video
  • Smooth screen recorder
  • No in-App consumption at all


  • Only available for Windows

 Further Free Features and Settings of iTop Screen Recorder

iTop Online Screen recorder is generally handy for occasional use.However, freely download it to your Windows laptop, for its further functions and features If you want further settings for recording or use it frequently.

  • Unlimited recording time
  • Entire screen, named portion or window, specific frame rate
  • With sound or not (both system and microphone sound)
  • 12 Affair formats supported
  • No lag screen recorder
  • Fresh function screenshots, trim or share to mainstream social media


iTop Screen recorder, with its Online Screen recorder, offers more professional recording functions and settings to affair high- quality vids and audios without time limits.

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