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Does Content Improve User Experience?

You often hear the now almost cliched saying: content rules on the internet. How true is this? Does it improve user experience?

UX – user experience, if you’re new to the block, welcome –has many facets to it, including content. You might have had this experience yourself: you navigate to the slick-looking website with a fantastic color scheme and great graphics. However, as you dig a little deeper, you find that what the site houses – the content – leaves much to be desired. Tragic, isn’t it?But this is where a content marketing agency can be a game-changer.

We can debate whether content rules the online world till the cows come home, but the truth is, content is an integral part of even your own experiences on the internet. How,you ask? Keep reading to find out why content is so crucial for UX!

Does Content Improve User Experience?

Hey Beautiful

No, we’re not flirting with you! (Sorry!)

They say the first impression is the last one, and this adage also holds very true on the internet. So how you greet your users – from web design and personalization strategies to the tone you use in your writing to even the color schemes you employ on your site – is something that truly sticks with them.

How do you say hello? If you’re in India, you might say namaste; on the other hand, howdy works much better when selling cowboy hats in the south.

Regarding the language you use on your website, there are reams of research out there that’ll tell you the best – and worst! – words to use. Did you know people often stay for words like “best” and “fast” and – you guessed it – “free shipping”

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Stay a little longer, won’t you?

When you think about it, this makes perfect sense. The longer a visitor sticks around on your website, the more likely they will be interested in what you offer. Even better, the longer they stay, the more inclined they are likely to become returning customers.

First impressions are essential, of course, but they aren’t the only driving force of user experience. You want to pay attention to your content, so it not only invites people into the room but is also good enough for them to want to stick around.

Does Content Improve User Experience?

Good content – compelling, authentic, thoughtfully composed content is the secret to getting your customers to stay. Good content inspires enthusiasm, excitement, and engagement from your customers. How can you do this?

As with most things marketing, there is no one-stop-shop answer. However, you can’t go wrong if you create content with a purpose – and your customers – in mind. Tell them a story, and do so authentically and meaningfully. Tell them what you want them to know: what brought you here, what you can offer them. A skillful content marketing agency can help you deliver on that goal.

Two Birds, One Stone

You might wonder what great content’s point is if no one can find it. You know what? Fair enough! We’ll explain.

Content is an essential factor when it comes to user experiences: your customers will stay for thoughtful and compelling content.

Search engines love doing their jobs well, and they thrive on delivering good user experiences to their users.

The math is simple: you offer excellent user experiences with authentic and thoughtfully created content, and search engines take the extra miles straight into your target users’ palms (and desks).

The Upshot

Yes: this is the answer to the question that brought you here. Content is an integral part of user experiences, and if you ignore it, you do so at your peril. But unfortunately, it can be challenging to understand what works and what doesn’t on the internet. This is wherecontent marketing agency like AdLift come in: they can help you separate the trash from the wheat and find what works for your business’s online presence.


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