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Dive into the Lifestyle of a New Home on the Water – Silicon Valley

Luckily for those who live here, the Bay Area and Northern California climate allows for waterfront activity almost year-round. Additionally, builders in our area offer several communities for people who feel drawn to water on a regular basis.

For water lovers, there’s nothing better than living within walking distance or a short drive to rivers, lakes, canals, the Pacific Ocean and SF Bay.

It’s not a rhetorical question. What’s better than water lovers living near water is being able to do so in a newly built home or community.

Builders continue to build new home communities near the San Joaquin River, the forks of the Sacramento River, San Francisco Bay, Monterey Bay, Folsom Lake, and much of the California Delta.

They have found and created opportunities for new homes in the basins, canals and lakes that spring from many of these bodies of water.

In some cases, the community itself includes direct access to water. In other areas, deltas and rivers are just minutes away, and builders are incorporating water-friendly elements into their home plans.

Whether you’re moving to a new home in a waterfront lifestyle community or just a short drive from the waterfront, plan ahead to simplify your transition to this new phase of life.

storage makes a splash

It may not be as glamorous as enjoying a relaxing sunrise fly fishing fishing float, but water toy storage can make a big difference to an easy life near the water.

Do you have a kayak, canoe, jet ski, paddleboard, water ski, tubing, fishing gear, boat, or inflatable raft?

Builders with communities on or near the water are already thinking about this. In certain communities, standard home plans include a three-car garage, a two-car and tandem garage, or a very deep two-car garage. Keep them safe and provide a place to reach them when the perfect day on the water strikes.

Some communities may allow RVs or boats to be parked under fences that are not visible from the street. Ask about the possibility of pouring a concrete pad behind or along the sides of the house to keep it out of sight.

Other communities, especially those near large lakes, rivers, or waterways, offer the option of renting space in on-site storage facilities.

On the other hand, large master-planned developments on or near the water will have long docks, piers for residents and guests based on availability. Some even offer permitted long-term boat storage.

Other ways to store lightweight items include ordering wall racks, custom storage racks, hooks, sling set systems, or stands in your garage.

Ask your builder if your neighbors share how they store their water toys. Also, plan to install storage solutions before you move in.

get out of the water and gather

Water connects people. As a result, water enthusiasts will find no shortage of canoe clubs, boat clubs, fishing groups, and even youth and adult water sports teams in and around waterside communities.

Each neighborhood can build its own identity, even within a large master plan for waterfront areas. Miles of walking and hiking trails, parks, and waterfront sitting areas connect each neighborhood to the next. Residents enjoy a sense of community.

There are also several new home communities that have built or are planning to add boathouses, restaurants, clubhouses, docks, decks, playgrounds, etc., depending on demand. Others are located across the street or within 5 miles of a public waterway access point.

When deciding which community best fits your lifestyle and needs, be sure to ask each builder or developer where they can find groups online or in person.

forever dream of the weekend

Builders in the water lifestyle community are beginning to notice certain buyer trends. Some people, especially those over her 55 and still actively pursuing careers, are considering a second home on the water. They will spend the weekend there and move permanently after retirement.

Many of these people have built their wealth from decades of home ownership. Using some of that equity, they buy a new construction home in a waterfront community and get away for the weekend to recharge with water with new neighbors and friends.

For some, the plan is to sell their primary home when they retire and permanently move to a new home on the waterfront for an active new lifestyle. , will remain with the family as the new primary residence for their grown children and grandchildren. You can put it in

https://www.siliconvalley.com/2022/12/19/dive-into-a-new-home-lifestyle-by-the-water/ Dive into the Lifestyle of a New Home on the Water – Silicon Valley

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