Disposable Vapes: The Latest Vape Trend

Disposable vape pens are popular types of vaping devices. The trend towards disposable vapes has only appeared within the last few years, yet there is strong evidence for continued growth. The benefits of disposable vapes are increasing, and the shortcomings are quickly disappearing. Meanwhile, new features are cutting down on the traditional disadvantages of disposable pens. The decision to purchase a disposable vape is becoming less of a trade-off and more of a win-win situation. The disposable vape market is increasingly becoming a primary focus for producers, wholesalers and retailers of cannabis vaping devices. From their marketing and branding potential to their benefits for consumers, disposable vapes are one of the most exciting vaping products on the market today.  

What Are Disposable Vapes?

Disposable Vapes also called disposable vape pens, which are all-in-one, electronic vaporizers that heat oils and concentrates with discretion at the forefront. The only thing that separates it from a regular vaporizer, is its ability to be disposed of once finished. Disposable vape pens are great for that reason alone, no hassle just smoke, get high, and toss into your nearest receptacle. Usually, with most vape pens you only replace the cartridge itself, but with the disposable ones, there’s a disposable vape pen cartridge that can be thrown away as well.

The Meteoric Rise of Disposable Vapes

Within the last few years, disposable vapes have become the most popular vaporizer on the market. In 2017 and before, the most popular type of vaping method was the cartridge. Cartridges allow users to consume cannabis oil in their homes easily. However, with the increasing social acceptance of cannabis, demand increased for more portable devices. By 2018, disposable vapes were the fastest-growing type of vaping device, with significant growth in sales in every state with legal recreational cannabis as well as Canada (Champoux, 2018). By 2020, they were the most popular vaping method for cannabis users (Whidbey News-Times, 2021). Growth has been massive. For example, after legalization, disposable vapes quickly expanded in the California market, tripling sales from around $2 million to $6 million per month in just the first three months (Joyner, 2018). According to the Headset, the legal disposable figures indicate very strong upward trend for the disposable category. Starting from 2016 when the sales are just 25 million dollar,now the sales are more than 245 million dollar in 2021, the CARG is 62.1% from 2016 to 2021!This growth has spurred rapid innovation as firms rush to gain a more significant portion of the growing market. 

Disposable Vapes: The Latest Vape Trend

Legal Disposable Trends in Several States(CA,CO,MI,NV,OR,PA.WA)

Innovation has also contributed to exponential growth as disposable pens become even more appealing to consumers. Growth in the disposable vape market segment is a unique opportunity for both consumers and firms. Each group can take advantage of the innovations in disposable vape technology and the inherent advantages. The continued advancement of technology will lead to a constant improvement of the products available to consumers. 

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Disposable Vapes: Appealing to Consumers

Disposable vapes have several inherent advantages for consumers over cartridge and pod systems. First, disposable vape pens are the most discreet form of cannabis vaping. A disposable pen can easily be slipped in and out of one’s pocket. It is also sleeker and less noticeable than devices that use cartridges or pods (Greendorphin, 2021). Secondly, the small size of disposable pens also makes them more portable than other devices. This portability is perfect if someone is going to be outside the house for a long portion of the day. No other type of device can so easily be carried around on one’s daily routine or packed on a last-minute trip. 

In addition to convenience, economic factors are essential to the trend of disposable vape devices. Disposable vapes are cost-effective in many cases. Their low individual purchase cost is appealing to both infrequent and regular users. Also, the pricing structure for disposable vapes creates a unique market dynamic. Unlike previous popular products with a higher initial price point and repeated lower purchases, the disposable vape has transformed the market by offering new users a more accessible entry point. At the same time, the advances in quality made by disposable vapes have caused them to become increasingly appealing to regular users with more sophisticated tastes. This makes disposable vapes an attractive investment for firms in the vaping industry, as it can allow firms to attract new consumers while at the same time providing high-end quality for more those consumers with more refined tastes.  

 Some Disadvantages and Their Solutions

The decision between disposable pens and other types of vaporizers has traditionally been seen as a trade-off. For example, the convenience of disposable devices has often been weighed against the disadvantage of being unable to recharge the device’s battery. Consumers must ensure that they finish all of the oil left in the pen before the battery dies when using disposable pens. Moreover, the inability to recharge limits the amount of oil included in a disposable pen.

 However, one innovation that is beginning to impact the industry significantly is the disposable pen that includes a rechargeable battery, such as the Solo by Cilicon. This device combines the ability to purchase a device that is ready to use with a high level of longevity. With this innovation, consumers no longer need to sacrifice longevity for convenience. The newest technology has created a pen that allows them to experience the best of both worlds. 

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Disposable Pens from a Retail Perspective: A Brand Manager’s Dream

 There are several advantages of disposable vapes for a company seeking to enter the market or grow its market share. Disposable pens are easier to brand than other types of devices for several reasons.

First, the increased portability of disposable pens means that consumers will be more likely to use the product in public. Vape brands looking for a strong push in brand visibility should consider focusing on disposable vapes. 

 Second, the low price point and repeat purchase nature of disposable pens mean more sales opportunities. In turn, swift market penetration is slightly more manageable in this segment of the market. Cartridge and pod devices represent a higher potential for solid brand loyalty, as people do not want to risk purchasing a reusable device that they will use. On the other hand, vape pens allow consumers greater freedom to sample multiple brands. 

 Finally, for retailers, disposable pens can be a logical decision for an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or original design manufacturing (ODM) relationship with a manufacturing firm. The manufacturing relationship is more straightforward with disposable pens because of greater branding opportunities. For example, the partnerships offered by Cilicon, ranging from ODM partnerships to the expansive Cilicon Partner Plan, can help firms take advantage of the expanding disposable vape market. 

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The rise of disposable vapes has been swift and is likely to continue for the foreseeable future. Disposable vapes are now the dominant type of vaporizer in the cannabis vaping industry and require the attention of all those concerned with its future. Disposable vapes represent a unique branding opportunity for companies involved in the industry or those seeking to enter it. Although all vaporizers have advantages and disadvantages, disposable vapes are increasingly becoming the device of choice for many consumers. Understanding the meteoric rise of disposable vapes can help consumers and business owners take advantage of this new trend.


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