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Corner Betting Tips

Learn how to be to corners and improve your football bettings.

One of the most interesting points in the world of sports betting is the variety of options, both in sports and in the markets, allowing each bettor to decide their favorites, or even focusing on just one.

It’s no secret that the most popular sport is football, and init we have a range of options. One of the most sought after are corner bets, a market that when properly explored can yield good results.

Thus, both beginners and professional bettors seek to operate in the segment, which can be quite profitable. We’ll help you with the best tips for betting in corners, as well as explaining everything you need to know to make a profit in this very interesting market, check it out!

How to bet on corners?

There are a few corner betting options, allowing for different types of play. Let’s go to the main ones, which are the most sought after by bettors:

  • Above or below a certain number counting both teams by time or complete match;
  • Above or below a certain number counting one of the teams by time or complete match;
  • Handicap;
  • Cornerrun;

Now that you know the main options on how to bet in corners, it’s time to explain each one of them, so that you understand in a clear way how to have the bet won in the chosen option, and you can also see which one arouses your interest to a deeper analysis.

Above or below X corner

Also known as over/under, it is the practice of betting that the duel will have more or less than a certain number of corners per time or for the whole game.

Let’s imagine a confrontation between Liverpool and Barcelonain the UCL; it is possible to bet that we will have more than 3 corners in the first half. That way, 4 or more corners happening, the bet is a winner.

It is possible to do the same in the second stage, always opting for above or below a number, or if you want to be daring, choose an exact number, such as exactly 5 corners in the second half. The same logic applies to the match.

The difference is that when you bet on the 1st half, nothing that happens in the second counts, and vice versa, you can choose to exclude the initial half and use only the complement.

Above or below X corner kick per team

The rule is exactly the same as the option above; however, corner kicks will not be counted in general, but only for the chosen team. Still following our example, let’s assume that the entry is in Barcelona under 7 corners in the game.

This means that the Spanish club can have up to 6 corners in the game, if it has more, the bettor loses. It is also possible to place a bet in the reverse, as above 7 corners. In addition, the option for time is still valid, being up to the bettor’s taste.


The logic here is normal for handicaps. If you don’t know it yet, we’ll explain it to you. Handicap is the action that aims to assign an advantage or disadvantage to a team, being widely used in the goal and corner kick market.

For example, a classic between Manchester United and Manchester City. We’re going to use the -2 handicap corner in the Citizens. This way, it will be necessary at least a margin of 3 corners for City for the bet to be won. Otherwise, +2 corners, two corners will be added at the end, so there may be up to one corner less in the real game and the bet will still win.

It is possible to use the handicap on both teams, either to assign or withdraw a certain number, and it is optional to bet by time or full game.

Corner run

The name is self-explanatory, it’s a real race. In this option, the player bets that a team will reach a certain number of corners before the opponent, again being able to opt for entries in the first, second half or full game.

Another option in the race is to choose that neither team will reach a certain number of corners.

Special bets

It is possible to place special bets in corners. For example, betting that the first corner of the game comes out before a number of minutes of play.

Another option is that there were a certain number of corners from the 10th to the 20th minutes of the first half, or that there were not a number of corners in the same period. The options are quite varied.

Tips for betting in corners!

To cash in on corner entries, some corner betting tips are welcome. It is always important to keep an eye on the points we highlighted, as the market tends to vary from one game to another.

Use statistics: statistics are allies. Before placing a bet, always keep an eye on the numbers of the two teams, and then you can find a good entry option.

Bet on offensive teams: for corners, the more offensive the better the team. If the duel involves two teams that like to attack, it’s perfect for a high number of corners. However, be careful and don’t confuse offensiveness with possession of the ball, because a team that keeps the ball, but doesn’t attack, shouldn’t result in many corners in the game.

Keep an eye on the live market: with the ball in play we can analyze how the match flows and so opt for corner entries. For example, when a weaker team is playing away and comes out ahead the tendency is to defend, getting pressure and resulting in many corners.

Use bonuses: enjoy bonuses you can increase your profit and, in the end, win more. A good option is the bet365 bónuszkód.





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