CHP investigates dead body found near downtown highway

SAN JOSE — The California Highway Patrol is investigating the circumstances surrounding a body found near a busy highway interchange adjacent to downtown San Jose, a few blocks from an elementary school.

The body was found around 9am on Saturday, according to CHP.

Local authorities found the deceased in an area 500 blocks off Minor Avenue near the interchange of Interstate 280 and State Route 87 adjacent to downtown San Jose.

The body was found on property owned by the State Department of Transportation (Caltrans) and the case was turned over to the CHP.

According to CHP officials, the deceased person appeared to have accessed the area under the interchange prior to his death.

The Santa Clara County Coroner’s Office was trying to determine the cause of death. CHP officials said there were no obvious signs that the deaths were caused by suspicious circumstances.

According to the CHP, CHP investigators were trying to determine if the deceased individual was a non-custodial person.

Gardner Elementary School is a few blocks from where the bodies were found. CHP investigates dead body found near downtown highway

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