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Chinese Mail Order Brides: Is It Difficult To Buy A Chinese Wife

Meta Title: Chinese Mail Order Brides: Is It Easy To Find Chinese Brides For Marriage?
Meta Description: Do you have a passion for Chinese girls for marriage? You can get one of the Chinese mail order brides quickly and easily on the mail order bride platform. This simple guide will help you become another happily married person with a Chinese mail order wife.

Chinese Mail Order Brides: Is It Difficult To Buy A Chinese Wife

China is one of few communistic and, at the same time, fast-developing countries, and this combination makes it unique. The local population has long prohibited having a second child, using the Internet, and many other traditional things for western people, resulting in the men’s doubts: does China have mail order brides or they’re also forbidden?

It’s time to sigh with relief since there are numerous Chinese ladies for marriage who don’t mind becoming mail order brides from China and build relationships with males overseas. They register on popular websites with single Chinese women and hope to find their soulmates there. Do you want to find out how it works? Keep on reading, and you’ll learn that meeting beautiful Chinese brides is no longer a challenge.

Top Chinese Brides And Dates Sites


  • 20 FREE credits for all new users
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  • Thousands of profiles of Chinese brides for marriage;
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  • Informative profiles with images and videos as well as many other details.


  • Validated profiles of ladies that minimize the chances of getting into scams;
  • A wide range of tools to contact and attract girls’ attention;
  • Free solutions including sign-up, profile viewing, liking girls, etc.;
  • Responsive website that guarantees a smooth operation on the mobile device.

How to find a Chinese mail order wife?

Males located a thousand miles away from Asia often wonder how to meet Chinese women. The first thing that occurs to their minds is naturally a trip to China. When you arrive in this country, you can meet Chinese women in the street, nightclub, or restaurant, but how long can it take to find a Chinese lady looking for a husband and ready for a family? Some people may spend months or even years for that, so being aware of an alternative way to find a Chinese wife is a must too.

The introduction of the Internet and the launch of popular Chinese mail order brides platforms have simplified finding Chinese women to marry drastically. Now you don’t need to leave the comfort of your home to interact with pretty Asian ladies and gradually fall in love with the best match. The procedure of getting Chinese girls for marriage consists of the following steps:

  1. Registration on the platform.
  2. Filling out profile details.
  3. Upgrading your membership for a premium one.
  4. Online communication with beautiful single Chinese women.
  5. Undertaking steps to win the heart of a lady who’s on your mind.

Where can you not only meet Chinese girls but also attract Chinese women looking for marriage? Pay attention to the list of mail order Chinese brides sites with premium reputability and the biggest selection of women.

Do Chinese mail order brides make good wives?

It goes without saying that Filipino dating takes leading positions among US males, but more and more western men look for an answer of how to date a Chinese girl since these ladies have everything to be excellent wives.

Understanding nature and wisdom

There’s no need to explain to Chinese brides that men look for care and passion in relationships, but even if the fire of love subsides, they want to see an interlocutor and supporting friend in the wife’s personality too. Chinese women are intelligent and wise enough to know the right thing to say and when to keep silent to prevent disagreements.

Chinese Mail Order Brides Is It Difficult To Buy A Chinese Wife

Commitment and loyalty

Asian ladies are famous for their obedience and faithfulness, and Chinese women looking for husbands are so in particular. They’re taught to marry once and forever, so these women will do their best to preserve their families and let every member feel happy. Brides from China never start scandals and can forgive much to the person they appreciate.

Hard-working housewives and nurturing mothers

Not all men clearly realize what a treasure they get marrying a Chinese lady! Tasty homemade meals, a tidy home, neat and educated kids are only some of the trump cards you’ll get with such a wife. Family is a priority for Chinese women, so they’ll strive for perfection in all directions connected with it!

Do Chinese brides like American men?

It’s not surprising to see so many Chinese women looking for American men nowadays! The main reason is a unique attitude to males from the USA who remind superheroes of these tender ladies. They’re tall, fit, and good-looking, while their talent to reach heights and provide their families with stability and comfort drives girls from China mad! Such an impression about western males resulted in every second Asian lady wanting to marry abroad, but these are not all grounds for international marriages. Many Chinese women are looking for American men because of:

  • Desire to choose a husband: arranged marriages are still popular in some rural areas of China, so girls want to avoid this nasty destiny and find a soulmate;
  • Stability and higher living standards: the American dream can come true if you move away from China, where many families have to work hard to earn their living;
  • A romantic vision of the foreign style of life: movies and literature make Chinese women believe that it’s much more exciting and comfortable to live abroad and achieve equality in male/female relationships.

How much does a Chinese wife cost?

Men are often astonished by the offer to get Chinese girls for sale when looking for a Chinese wife on a mail order bride platform. Naturally, women are not sold like goods in the store, but the necessity to invest money to find the best match occurs. So how much does a Chinese bride cost and can you save on your wife-finding budget? The average price of Chinese brides goes as high as $15,000-$20,000. However, you shouldn’t be taken aback by such numbers since this amount includes lots of services, including non-obligatory:

  • Premium membership and paid services ordered on the website;
  • Gifts and flowers to gain lady’s affection;
  • All-inclusive romance trips to China to get acquainted with single Chinese ladies or meet your object of affection in person;
  • Preparing documents and visa to take your Chinese bride with;
  • Marriage registration and additional services (e.g., translation services, advice on dating a Chinese girl from the relationship expert, getting a woman’s contact information, etc.)

As you can see, this amount doesn’t seem so high if you analyze all the steps to complete on the way to love with a Chinese woman for marriage. Chinese brides aren’t for sale, but you can invest in your future with her.

How to make mail order Chinese brides fall in love with you

Every man dreams of meeting a legitimate mail order bride, but when it happens, he often can’t make up his mind how to conquer this treasure. Here are some hints on how to get a Chinese girl to like you.

  • Be a gentleman and a romantic suitor, that’s always at the top of all Chinese dating tips;
  • Show respect for her culture and traditions;
  • Ask questions to let her know your true interest in her personality;
  • Don’t be scarce on compliments, words of love, and physical surprises;
  • Avoid pressure and be patient to win her trust;
  • Respect her point of view and postpone setting any restrictions for later!

If you still wonder how to impress a Chinese girl online, make the most of your sense of humor, sound intriguing, show your sincerity and readiness to share secrets with her! You’ll see that these dating Chinese women tips are working as she gets friendlier and more eager to talk to you.

Chinese vs American women to marry: what makes them different?

Not all males understand why Americans choose Chinese dating sites if they can meet US women and build relationships with them. Probably, the main reason for that is the difference between ladies of these two nationalities. The most eye-catching distinction is in appearance, and this isn’t only the hair shade and eye shape. Chinese women are slimmer and try to dress up more often, while US ladies are fond of casual clothing.

However, the main dissimilarity is hidden in upbringing and behavior. Girls from China are raised in patriarchal families with prioritized family values and traditional female roles. Modern American ladies try to take an equal position with men and often follow feministic views which encourage them to build a career and grow as a person, leaving out husband and kids. This opposition always turns out to be most crucial and is the main factor why American males want to find out how to meet Chinese girls.

Chinese marriage facts that worth your attention

Chinese people have always married foreigners, and the peak was in 2006. Although the number of Chinese-foreign marriages has dropped more than twice since then, they’re still popular. Therefore, being aware of Chinese marriage culture is a must if you consider the opportunity to buy a Chinese wife. What should you learn and remember about Chinese wife culture? These are the clues:

  • A woman should receive a formal proposal of marriage in the presence of all family members from a groom, and his family members should bring about gifts for engagement;
  • A bride’s family can offer a groom a dowry list to complete, while the groom’s family performs the setting bridal bed ritual;
  • Both families are usually introduced to each other at the Tea Ceremony;
  • The best wedding present is money and jewelry given in the red envelope;
  • It’s traditional for a bride to wear a red wedding dress called a qipao and to cover her face with a red veil on the wedding day;
  • The wedding night starts with lighting candles in the form of a dragon and phoenix and drinking wine from 2 cups tied together with a red string. Later, a bride is treated with raw dumplings that symbolize her dedication to the future family and the power of giving birth.

Such a wedding will be really memorable because of Chinese marriage traditions which have little in common with customary celebrations in the USA and Europe.


Are Chinese mail order brides legal?

Yes, they are. China has legalized international marriages, and over 1,290 couples consisting of a Chinese and a foreigner register their newly-created families every year in China. Mail order bride services are only a popular way to meet Chinese girl online and interact with them to start a relationship. It’s absolutely legal, and the Chinese authorities even issue licenses to the agencies that connect single Chinese women with men overseas. Therefore, it’s enough to find a reputable platform with Chinese brides online to meet a potential partner lawfully.

What is the average marital age in China?

If you see a quite early age of Chinese brides, it isn’t a reason to worry since most ladies have their first marriage at 20. The average age for women who enter the first marriage in China is 22.8 years. However, if you look at the statistics of more populous cities like Shanghai, for example, this age increases up to almost 26 years for women and almost 28 years for men. According to China’s law, when it comes to legal age for marriage, men are allowed to register for marriage when they get 22, and women can do that at the age of 20.

How to avoid scams while looking for a Chinese bride?

There are many queries from males on how to date a Chinese woman because they want to find a soulmate from this country and avoid scams. It’s possible to protect yourself from a broken heart and empty wallet by following these pieces of advice:

  • Be careful with women who profess love quickly and without live communication or actual meetings;
  • Don’t send funds even if you’re asked for them for emergencies, hospital bills, travels, and lots of other excuses;
  • Minimize interaction with ladies who find lots of reasons not to have live communication or cancel a visit;
  • Check the profile details by asking questions or looking at social media accounts.

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