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Chanting ‘Recall Price’, Protesters Rally Against Alameda County District Attorney – The Mercury News

OAKLAND — Demanding a recall and chanting “get the job done,” dozens of people rallied Monday outside Alameda County Superior Court against district attorney Pamela Price to lash out at the county’s chief attorney. ended its controversial reforms and urged them to avoid a plea bargain. with the men accused of murdering a toddler in a highway shootout.

Crowds of protesters — including one of Price’s own prosecutors — are torn by the new district attorney and her decision over the past three months to suspend and downsize several veteran prosecutors. rice field. Using enhanced sentencing in murder and gang-related cases. They also begged Price to avoid a move similar to the men accused of murdering Jasper his Wu, who was celebrating his second birthday in November 2021. Jasper Wu died instantly when a bullet in a highway shootout ripped open his mother’s car on Interstate 880.

Holding placards reading “Justice for Jasper,” protesters chanted “Remember Price.” she released a video a few days ago In this case, he said, “we have not made any decisions as to which charges will or will not be pursued.”

Three men arrested for murder — Johnny Jackson of Richmond. Richmond Trevor Green. Vallejo’s Ivory Bivins was arrested in late 2022, in the final weeks of former district attorney Nancy O’Malley’s administration. was sentenced to life in prison without parole.

Last week, Price questioned whether these accusations would remain, but clarified that the men “will be held accountable.”

“What I saw in that video shocked me. It made me resent. ‘How do you ensure safe streets without safety guards?’

Jasper’s mother read a text message from Jasper’s mother, and according to a text message read by Jasper’s mother during a rally, each suspect in the boy’s death was given a “fair sentence” with “the maximum possible sentence under the law.” He demanded that he be punished “and severely.” Auckland Chinatown Improvement Council.

“I am so sad and angry,” read her mother’s message. “What happened to Jasper is not fair, and we want justice for our son.”

Community members attend a rally in front of the Rene C. Davidson Courthouse in Oakland, California on Monday, April 10, 2023. The rally was held in part because Alameda County’s new district attorney, Pamela Price, handled Jasper’s death. His 2-year-old Woo, who was shot on an Oakland highway in 2021 (Aric Crabb/Bay Area News Group)

The protests were the biggest manifestation of discontent since Price took office in January. Alameda County Superior Court Judge Mark McCannon dismissed the 15-year plea bargain in the Delonzo Logwood case as too lenient. He moved to disqualify him.

Relatives in multiple other murders that Price’s office is currently handling also include the wife of a former San Jose police officer who was shot while working as a security guard for a news crew in downtown Oakland, the new district attorney. opposed to

“You talk about compassion, right? Where’s the compassion for these families who have to endure this pain for the rest of their lives,” said Barbara Nguyen, a new recruit to the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department his brother David Nguyen was fatally shot near a Bay Bridge toll booth in early 2022. “When I think about justice, I think about fairness. increase.”

In a statement from her office after the protest, Price vowed to be transparent about the incident and expressed sympathy for Wu’s family over the “horrific” killing.

“The District Attorney’s Office has not made any determination regarding the alleged murder of Jasper Wu,” the statement said. “Last week, we communicated this information directly to Jasper’s parents. We will continue to investigate this case and make a direct decision based on the evidence.”

Addressing the crowd, Butch Ford, a 23-year prosecutor in the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office, who took paid leave shortly after Price took office, spoke out against the new district attorney’s policy.

He said the prosecutor in charge of Wu’s case was recently reassigned from the case. This is a move similar to other cases in which the defendant later offered a plea bargain with a reduced prison sentence.

“If you commit a crime and hurt someone, you have to pay for it,” Ford said. “Pamela Price disagrees with that lesson. This is about victims’ rights.”

At one point during the rally, a man with a bullhorn shouted from a nearby street that the rally looked like an “attack on black leaders.” The man’s voice was quickly drowned out by chants from Price’s opponent who held a placard bearing Jasper Wu’s name and shouted back “He’s a baby”.

Among those protesting Price’s actions was Fremont Mayor Lily May.

“What we’re hearing from the community are protests to make sure members of the community feel safe,” May said later. I feel like my family doesn’t feel that their voices are being heard.”

https://www.mercurynews.com/2023/04/10/chanting-recall-price-protesters-rally-against-alameda-countys-district-attorney/ Chanting ‘Recall Price’, Protesters Rally Against Alameda County District Attorney – The Mercury News

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