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Can you Play Online Casinos in California? Should Norway Follow Suit?

The different US states have been opening their doors to online gambling for a while now. It’s surprising how quickly each state has taken to having online gambling available, especially with how vociferous senators have been in the past about not allowing gambling. However, as online gaming is now available pretty much across the board, it has changed a lot of things in the varying states. We’ve taken a look at gambling in California, and how this could impact Norway.

California and Online Casino

 California is completely open to online casinos now. There are some great sites to play at, which gives players the chance to place a wager on virtually anything that they like. Whether it’s games or sports betting, the choices are abundant. However, this is the polar opposite to what’s available in Norway. While there are many sites like NorgesCasino.com which shows players a range of offshore sites to play at, there is only a single legal online casino available to players.

It’s basically a monopoly that is run by the government. Norway has a one-state operated online casino. This is a stark contrast to California, which doesn’t have a state-run online casino in place. This means that it has some different benefits that could have a positive impact on Norway as a whole.

Higher Tax Revenue

 It’s been spoken about for a long time in the US about legalizing online casinos. For more than 20 years senators have debated whether it’s a positive step or not. During this time while they debated it, people just went ahead and gambled at offshore online casinos anyway. This meant that the different states within the US missed out on a lot of tax revenue. Players were going to gamble no matter what, so why not make it legal and bring the tax revenue in? Many states have chosen to do this, with California being one of them, and they are getting a lot of benefits because of it.

This is something that Norway is struggling with at the moment. The aim of the state-backed online casino, is to keep players safer than if regulatory licenses were handed out to operators. However, this is having the opposite effect.

Instead of using the state-backed operator, players are now choosing to play at offshore casinos. It means that they are playing at less reputable sites, and therefore they are putting themselves into greater levels of danger. This is the exact opposite of why the Norwegian government chose to have a state-backed online casino.

On top of this, it also means that large amounts of tax revenue is leaving the country. This has a knock-on effect of there being less money to spend on infrastructure in Norway. As such, the country won’t be able to keep up the high standards that it has set. Over time, this could lead to the country having poor quality [public facilities.

Player Choice

 It’s not just the fact that players don’t like to be forced into using something that has made Norwegian players move to outside sites. It’s also the fact that there isn’t as much choice. So, if there is a particular game that a player wants to play, it might not be available at the state backed site. This means that in order to play it, players will have to go to an offshore site.

It’s almost as if the government in Norway is forcing players into the arms of offshore sites. Players want to have choice, it’s the reason that monopolies are generally frowned upon. By making itself the casino monopoly in the country, the Norwegian government has played a big part in its own downfall.

Will New Sites be Allowed in the Future?

 To put it bluntly, it doesn’t look like it. The Norwegian government is still sticking to the line that it wants to keep its citizens safe, and the only way it can do that is through a state-backed online casino.

However, it only has to look at the example of California to see exactly how well a range of choice can work. California has a very small number of offshore site users, especially when compared to Norway. This is largely down to the choice that’s available to players. With a wider range of choice, comes more loyalty from players. After all, if there is a good selection of sites to choose from, why would players decide to play offshore? If what you want is available in a legal manner, then going down the illegal route is going to be a much rarer occurrence. It’s for this reason that Norway should take a leaf out of California’s book.

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