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California’s Legal Weed Implementation: What States Should Look Out For And Forward To

California has been a leader in cannabis for decades even before the plant was legalized in the state for medicinal use. Recreational marijuana also presented a number of challenges. Banks were not willing to take the cash from certain marijuana businesses in fear of federal law intervention. Banks did not want to risk the funds of their customers being frozen for a single client.

Using California’s journey with marijuana can set programs of other states up for success. Growing pains are always going to be a part of government implementation. Getting in early during the introduction of legal marijuana can be important before more restrictions are imposed. Below are things that states should look forward to and look out for using California’s legalization as a sample.

Yes…..There Is Weed Delivery

The digital age is full of opportunities to have daily essentials delivered in a matter of minutes or hours. If you have a craving for a great edible or some new flower to smoke, then you are in luck. Cannabis delivery is no longer just a dream but a reality for those in states with legal marijuana.  The ability to order cannabis through an app has made getting weed more convenient than ever.

The Tax Revenue Can Be Immense

Colorado and California have both seen an immense amount of tax revenue from legalizing marijuana. A major argument for pro-marijuana supporters is that the tax money can be put back into schools. Laws stipulated that a certain percentage of marijuana-related tax revenue was to go towards education.

High Taxes Could Revitalize The Black Market

Taxes have driven up the price of cannabis products in California. Some consumers would rather resort to using the black market as this weed can be more affordable. A state like Oregon has reasonable taxes and has some of the most affordable marijuana in the US. Pricing legal marijuana companies out can be an issue. The resistance to increase prices by some cultivators has cut into the profit margins of legal cannabis organizations.

High prices to get a license to cultivate marijuana or run your own dispensary are huge obstacles. The cost of getting a license along with the possibility of being rejected are both obstacles. States with the right climate could have a multitude of illegal outdoor grows. The issue with detecting this is that in states with legal marijuana like California are around every corner.

Concentrates Will Overwhelm Some Consumers

The truth is that not every person is ready to take a dab. Even people that have smoked daily for years might not be ready for the wrath of concentrates. The process of taking a dab might seem intimidating to some as at times a torch is required. Electric nails heat themselves to the right temperature to make it easy to take dabs at the right temperature.

Dabbing does have some advantages over traditional consumption. You can get high for hours on one hit and do not have to continually inhale toxins. Dabbing can be one of the cleanest ways to smoke and this method can accentuate the terpene flavors of strains.

Fake Cartridges And Brands Can Be Prevalent

Lab-tested products are always important to look for. The entire US saw an influx of fake cartridges with some containing harmful chemicals. There were even cases of overdoses occurring from fentanyl being present in the cartridge. Consumers will have to learn that a reputable brand is not selling products off of social media from an alternate account than the brand has.

You want to make sure that you are getting what you have paid for. Edibles can be mislabeled or “homemade” without a lab test. This is a recipe for disaster as the consumer could find themselves astronomically higher than they are comfortable with.

Teenage Marijuana Use Could Decrease

The view of marijuana as a forbidden fruit is now washed away with legalization. A teen might see adults smoking and simply not think it is very cool. The dispensaries also will not sell to teenagers if the black market in a state has been diminished. Certain dealers might not sell to teens as an adult that gets caught with marijuana won’t be arrested or asked where they got it.

California can be used as a great example for other states implementing legal recreational marijuana. Avoiding some of the pitfalls is far easier for states that use California as an example. Legal marijuana can change the landscape of a number of industries. Take advantage of this as establishing a successful cannabis brand can be immensely profitable.

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