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California School Students Are Getting Bad Grades in English. What Can They Do to Improve?

Yearly assessments show that students from the California School District failed to secure good grades in English. Only 50% of all the students in the district got a somewhat decent score. Things do not look that good for subjects like Math and Science either. However, students’ failure to secure above-average marks in English is what has left school authorities in California startled.

The 2020-21 data further suggests that the drop in student performance comes courtesy of the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns that followed. Schools and parents are now at an impasse. The parents are pointing fingers at the schools for this failure, while schools are repeatedly blaming the pandemic for this downfall. 

Whatever the reason is, both sides agree that it is not the time to debate over this matter. Rather it is the time to bring change. And the best way to do so is by helping students improve in English.

So what can students do to improve their English grades in school? Let us find out.   

Knowing What They are Doing Wrong

Before students can improve, they first need to figure out where they are going wrong with their English courses. Teachers are the most important people to talk to in this regard. After all, the school English teachers will have better knowledge about their students’ performances, and why they are so poor in terms of quality. 

The teachers can point out the reasons why the grades are so low. They can also compare the scores of different students and assess why some might be doing better than others. They will also have to mark the weak points of their students and see which topics students find most difficult to understand. 

Teachers will also have to question their teaching methods, as well as the efficiency of the online learning methods during lockdowns. Only then can they truly get to the bottom of the problem.

Doing Their Homework Diligently

Students might struggle with their homework. However, that should not discourage them from finishing it. They can always seek help from their teachers when it comes to struggling with completing homework tasks and assignments. Only then can they fully grasp their lessons, and improve upon them.

Lockdowns can be a problem, in which cases students can seek help from various online resources and homework assistance platforms. There are many English homework categories on these platforms that can help students develop their skills, and help them with their homework and assignments. 

The tutors there are very professional and talented. Besides, they are not just from California, but from all across the US and beyond. Thus, students can get to learn new things from them, and learn in new ways too. 

Actively Working on Their Reading and Writing Skills

Improvement in English is possible through actively working on one’s reading and writing skills. And schools need to promote this thought in their regular curriculum as well.

While reading, students should also learn how to take notes. They need to understand the best way to thoroughly read a chapter, as well as skim it. While reading literature, students should focus on the various similes and metaphors. Keeping track of new or difficult words they come across is also a necessity here. That will help them hone their vocabulary skills.

To get better at writing, students need to practice more. Be it creative writing or technical. Teachers need to promote the importance of practicing writing to their students. Ideally, giving them homework, assignments, and practice tests should do the trick. 

However, teachers should not make their students feel forced to learn. Instead, the approach should be welcoming. Students should feel interested in the topics or the way teachers teach things so that they will take up this writing habit on their own.

Giving Practice Tests

Regular practice tests will help teachers understand whether or not their students are showing any signs of improvement. The tests will also allow students to study and practice more, such that they will have completed their course syllabus in time. Based on these practice tests, teachers can make further plans on how they can make more improvements to their students’ performances.

For now, doing all these will surely help the California school kids to improve their English grades. Schools need to put in their maximum effort and ensure efficiency in their teaching process. At the same time, students need to rise to the occasion and deliver. Only then can they improve.

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