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California ranks highest or lowest – rarely anywhere in between – Silicon Valley

“According to research” examines various rankings and scorecards that judge geographic location, but note that these performances are best seen as a combination of clever interpretations and data.

Buzz: It’s interesting how the vast range of perspectives on life in California shows up in a random collection of surveys.The Golden State is often found at the top or bottom of state-by-state rankings.

sauce: California’s ranking in 12 recent scorecards on various topics.

top line

Too many state-to-state rankings. But they can be fun and thought-provoking.

Some rankings have been created to give the public an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of each state. Other scorecards help drive a variety of high-level policy debates. And many of these surveys are just brains that might click through to his website at the sponsoring agency.


California, ranked from high-scoring to low-scoring. However, high may not be the best and low may not be the worst, depending on the state or how you view the topic being graded.

Being green: California ranks first. ACEEE State Energy Efficiency ScorecardThe calculation looked at energy efficiency efforts for utilities, transportation, building codes, and appliance standards. Massachusetts is second. Last was Wyoming.

Duty free smoking: California ranks second for tobacco smuggling based on data from 47 states Compiled by a tax accountant corporationThe survey linked high taxes (California ranked eighth at $2.87 a pack) and illegal influx of tax-exempt cigarettes. Connecticut topped the smuggling list at $4.35 per pack. Last was New Hampshire ($1.78 tax).

Be Your Own Boss: California is ranked #3 as a place to start a business. Lensa Review of Startup Factors Percentage of new entrepreneurs, corporate tax rates, venture capital, and more. Texas is number one. North Dakota at the end.

Jogging pleasure: California ranks third in runners. Research by Fitness VoltThese grades are based on tracking natural beauty, safety, elevation, marathon, air quality and temperature. Florida is number one. Kansas at the end.

Stay Closer to Home: California ranks third as the least travel-obsessed state, according to a study by . Family destination guideA Google search for terms like ‘beach vacation’, ‘travel agency’ and ‘cheap hotel’ suggests states where people don’t feel the need to go anywhere else for relaxation . Washington State is number one. Southern California at the end.

Golden age: California ranks 7th among the best states for retirees, according to Calculation of the Global Population IndexThe scorecard looked at environmental quality, life expectancy, crime, and populations of 65 or more residents. Living expenses are not considered. Washington is number one. Alabama at the end.

Weft! Weft! California had a rare mid-range ranking of 23rd for quality of life for dogs. Ourfitpets.com Ranked States Statistical dog-friendliness for veterinarians, parks, dog-friendly rentals, dog sitters, crime rates, and more. Vermont is number one. Last was Louisiana.

Drive-thru impulse: California ranks 38th in “Fast Food Obsessed Residents,” according to. Work with cost tracker PricelistoFor this benchmark, we searched various Google terms related to quick service dining. Nebraska is number one. Last was Vermont.

Exit town: California ranks 41st for interest in moving, According to TexasRealEstateSource.com,This measure of interest in moving was created by doing a Google search for terms frequently used by people interested in moving. South Carolina is number one. last? Hawaii.

Be Charitable: California ranks 42nd for philanthropy, According to WalletHubThe scorecard looked at factors such as donation amount, income percentage, and volunteer options and activities. Utah was number one. Arizona at the end.

get red: California ranks 42nd in conservative politics, The Center for Legislative Accountability states:The ranking is based on an analysis of parliamentary votes on policy areas including cultural, tax, fiscal, and regulatory policy, and is a grade that would surprise almost no one. Tennessee is number one. Finally, Massachusetts.

Fun costs: California ranks 48th for safe and affordable girls’ night out. Master of Fashion Nasty GalThey looked at the prices of cocktails, taxis, fast food, wine and party dresses. Wisconsin is number one. Last was Texas.


what did i learn? If you can ignore the high cost of living, California can be highly rated. It’s basically a grand argument.

Is The Golden State Lifestyle Worth It?

Jonathan Lansner is a business columnist for the Southern California News Group.he can be reached at jlansner@scng.com

https://www.siliconvalley.com/2023/01/03/california-ranks-best-or-worst-rarely-in-between/ California ranks highest or lowest – rarely anywhere in between – Silicon Valley

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