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California Poly’s Aidan McCarthy finishes 7th in NCAA men’s 800m final

Cal Poly Athletics’ Aidan McCarthy finished seventh at the NCAA Finals in Austin, Texas, Friday night, becoming the school’s first first-team All-American in the men’s 800 meters in Division I program history.

McCarthy entered the race with seven straight wins in the 800m.

McCarthy stayed on the outside for much of the race early on and said his lack of high-level experience caught up with him and he wasn’t where he wanted to be.

He said that by the time the redshirt sophomore realized he was in a good position, the opponent in front of him was already on the move and it was just a matter of catching up from there.

The California native finished in 1:46.78, half a second off his personal record, and is looking forward to improving his technique and qualifying for next year’s event.

McCarthy has two more years left at California Poly, where he met runners from Wisconsin, Ole Miss, Texas, Georgia, Pennsylvania State, Oklahoma State and Virginia on the track.

McCarthy may have finished 7th out of 9 contestants, but he certainly put Cal Poly and San Luis Obispo on the national map to watch.

https://www.ksby.com/sports/cal-poly-track-and-fields-aidan-mccarthy-places-seventh-in-ncaa-mens-800-meter-finals California Poly’s Aidan McCarthy finishes 7th in NCAA men’s 800m final

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