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California law mandates HPV vaccination for California students

Congress Bill 650or Cancer Prevention Act Requires HPV Vaccine for All California Students Enrolling in 8th School year. This law applies to both public and private schools.

“HPV is the human papillomavirus vaccine. It is the vaccine that prevents most cervical cancers,” said Dr. Abhishek Mehta, director of pediatrics at Lompoc Valley Medical Center.

It also helps prevent penile cancer in men. The vaccine has been on the market since he was FDA-approved in 2006 and is designed for children after the age of 9, before they become sexually active.

Dr. Mehta says that anyone who is sexually active is at risk of contracting HPV.

“My parents say … but my child is not sexually active yet. Remember,” he explained.

A local group is speaking out against the bill.

The San Luis Obispo Moms for Liberty chapter is asking all school districts in San Luis Obispo County to oppose AB 659.

“Well, one of the big concerns is that more children will drop out of school. “For parents, that’s one of the big things. I’m taking my kids out of school.” It also disenfranchises those who choose not to.”

Hawaii, Rhode Island and Virginia already need vaccines. If approved in California, waivers will only be considered for medical reasons and if the student is homeschooled.

Legislative hearings on the bill could begin as early as March 14.th.

https://www.ksby.com/news/local-news/proposed-legislation-would-mandate-hpv-vaccine-for-all-california-students-entering-8th-grade California law mandates HPV vaccination for California students

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