California is investigating these deadly shootings by police

The first report of a fatal shooting of an unarmed person involving a police officer was issued Thursday, Nov. 3, in accordance with California’s new law.

It was determined that the evidence did not show that criminal charges were justified. Filming Matthew Sova July 2021 It’s on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The investigation was conducted pursuant to AB 1506, which took effect July 1, 2021, mandating the State Department of Justice to investigate a police shooting that killed an unarmed California civilian.

As of November 3, 2022, the state’s public database lists 25 such incidents. California Attorney General Rob Bonta said the agency’s goal is to complete the review within a year. results should be obtained more quickly.

Incidents aligned to locations on the map above:

1/ Matthew James Sova 48; was shot dead by the Los Angeles Police Department on July 15, 2021 in the Hollywood neighborhood of Los Angeles. Soba walked around the Walk of Fame on Hollywood Boulevard, screaming at people and showing what looked like knives and small guns. When an officer approached him in front of McDonald’s, he pointed a tool at them and they opened fire. Read the full report here.

2/ Che Noe Zuniga Jr., 21; shot dead by Bakersfield Police on August 7, 2021. In the incident, which began as a domestic dispute, a man was shot several times while fleeing police. When he left his hiding place and rushed towards the officer who shot him, he was unarmed.

3/ Luis Manuel Garcia Arias, 39; shot dead by Tustin Police on August 9, 2021. When an uncontained man emerged from a bush with a stick and a bag of recyclable bottles and cans, he was shot by police.

Four/ Juan Luis Olvera Preciado, 59; shot dead by Guadalupe police on August 21, 2021. His Olvera-Preciado, sitting in a truck, was unintentionally hit when police opened fire on a nearby wanted man.

Five/ Leonel Chavez, 24; was shot by a California Highway Patrol officer in the El Sereno neighborhood of Los Angeles on September 28, 2021. Chavez was on his way home from the gym when he was involved in a car accident that left him uninjured. He reportedly acted aggressively against his CHP officers at the scene, one of whom he opened fire on.

6/ Brandon Anthony Lopez, 34; shot dead by Anaheim police officers in Santa Ana on September 28, 2021. Lopez, who was allegedly driving the stolen car, was tracked to Santa Ana by Anaheim cops. He stopped and refused to get out of the car. Officers used a chemical bomb to wash him down, and when he appeared, the four opened fire.

7/ Samuel Soto, 53; shot dead by Los Angeles police on July 26, 2021, died November 3, 2021. Soto, who had already been shot once and had dropped the knife, refused an officer’s order to drop another object he was carrying. It turned out to be a phone. They shot him many times.

8/ Guadalupe Zavala, 55; shot dead by Antioch police on 10 December 2021.Zavala had Multiple shots fired during standoff He was in the neighborhood but appeared unarmed when he fled the burning house and was shot.

9/ Daniel Abyssai Elena Lopez24, and Valentina Orellana Peralta, age 14, was shot dead by Los Angeles police on December 23, 2021. Police fired at Elena Lopez, who they say assaulted someone at a store in North Hollywood. Her stray bullet killed her mother and Valentina, who was doing her shopping.

Ten/ Nelson Szabo, age 37, was shot dead by San Francisco police on January 20, 2022. Szabo reportedly told police he had a knife and two of his airsoft guns to shoot him when he confronted police at San Francisco International Airport.

11/ Joseph Thomas Tracy, 20, was shot by members of the Riverside County Gang Task Force on January 18, 2022. An alleged fentanyl dealer fleeing officer Outside Hemet Motel believed he was reaching for a weapon when they opened fire.

12/ Pedro Morales Lopez, 67, taken by Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy in Norwalk on February 17, 2022. Lopez was accidentally shot when deputies opened fire on the fugitive suspect.

13/ Travis Shane Tarrant, 45, was shot dead by Fontana police on April 7, 2022. An Indiana man who allegedly robbed a bank had an airsoft gun when he emerged from where he was hiding behind a Wendy’s trash can.

14/ Daniel Luis Valdivia, 24, was shot dead by Covina Police on April 9, 2022.Valdivia reportedly pull bb gun From his waistband when he was shot by a policeman responding to a disturbance call outside a liquor store.

15/ John Joseph Alanis, 34, was shot by a California Highway Patrol officer on May 4, 2022 in Paramount. Alanis was shot in the aftermath of a vehicle-pedestrian collision on Interstate 105. No details have been announced.

16/ Austin Flores, 27, was shot dead by Fresno police on May 19, 2022. Flores was shot as he ran toward a police officer who was responding to a report of a restraining order violation.

17/ Rafael Mendoza49, and Michael McFongain, 57, was shot dead by San Francisco police on May 19, 2022. MacFhionghain had a knife when the police arrived. both men were killed when the cops open fire.

18/ Shane Holland, taken June 21, 2022 in Adelanto by the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Deputy. Holland was shot after fleeing a traffic stop on foot.

19/ Darnell Trevon Traviswas shot by Fontana police on June 21, 2022. Travis, who was in his car in the McDonald’s parking lot, was killed when police opened fire on his car after it collided with an unmarked patrol car.

20/ Curtis Dale Burnett, 66, shot dead by Salinas Police on July 13, 2022. Burnett was reportedly carrying a BB gun when he approached police investigating the stabbing report.

twenty one/ Trent William Milsap, 27, was shot dead in Anaheim by Westminster police on July 15, 2022. Milsap, a suspect in a murder at a Westminster gas station, was shot dead by police officers who tried to arrest him in his Anaheim apartment.

twenty two/ Jay Jackson, 49, was shot by a Riverside County Sheriff’s Deputy on July 22, 2022 in Moreno Valley. Responding to reports of men threatening him at an auto parts store, the deputy shot and fatally wounded Jackson as he pulled a “metal object” out of his pocket. he was a razor

twenty three/ Marcos Maldonado, age 31, was shot dead by Los Angeles police on July 27, 2022.Maldonado reportedly pointed a pellet gun To the officers who were investigating reports of pedestrians with guns.

twenty four/ Luis Herrera, 19, was shot by the Los Angeles Police Department on September 17, 2022. Herrera reportedly confronted an officer responding to a domestic disturbance call while carrying an airsoft gun.

twenty five/ Anthony Graziano45, and Savanna Graziano, 15, was shot by a San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Deputy in Hesperia on September 27, 2022.Anthony Graziano and his daughter killed on the side of the highway After being fired upon by a vehicle during pursuit. The man was under investigation as a suspect in the murder of his wife the day before. California is investigating these deadly shootings by police

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