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California bill puts business on ‘kill list’

To Grace Geday | CalMatters

California’s Democratic-majority legislature, known for passing the nation’s first laws to strengthen worker and consumer protections, often faces fierce opposition from business groups. I’m here.

At the same time, a powerful business lobbying group, the California Chamber of Commerce, developed a specific strategy with a high success rate.job killer” and track them in the annual list.

This week, the Chamber of Commerce announced: First list for 2023Among the bills are:

New tax on gross wealth for Individuals with a net worth of $50 million or morewas introduced by a member of parliament Alex Lee, Milpitas Democratic Party.Unlike income tax, a tax on whole wealth is unprecedented in the US

$25 minimum wage For workers in healthcare facilitiesintroduced by Sen. Maria Elena DurasoLos Angeles Democrat.

  • Durazo the woman says Workers of color are the “backbone” of our health care system, “working multiple shifts in understaffed facilities just to bring poverty wages home.”
  • Chamber advocate this measure It raises the cost of health care facilities, “putting Californians’ access to affordable health care at risk and threatening jobs.”

Proposal to increase paid sick leave Employer must provide from three to seven was introduced by Sen. Lena Gonzaleza Long Beach Democrat and endorsed by the California Federation of Labor.

The Chamber of Commerce has now tagged 13 bills as “job killers” say i hope That number will increase in the coming weeks.

By the business group’s own account, the list is a highly successful lobbying tool.dubbed last year 19 Bills ‘Job Killers’ and 2 Laws EnactedIn 2021, we have labeled 25 bills and signed one into law. But not all “job killers”, in the words of this group, are truly killed. The Chamber also delists bills that have been amended in ways that the group endorses.

https://www.mercurynews.com/2023/04/04/the-california-bills-on-a-business-kill-list-2/ California bill puts business on ‘kill list’

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