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California Baker Makes Life-Size Han Solo Out of Bread – Daily News

Benicia — Han Solo may be Hank. But “Pan Solo” is a loaf of bread.

It’s what a San Francisco Bay Area bakery named a six-foot bread sculpture of a “Star Wars” character that appeared after it was frozen in carbonite in “The Empire Strikes Back.”

Hannah Lee Parvan, co-owner of One House Bakery in Benicia, California, and her mother Katherine Parvan spent weeks molding, baking, and assembling life-size sculptures using wood and two different fabrics. rice field. Sugar content lasts longer.

The two worked at night after work for the day. Lovingly crafted details show Han Solo’s anguished face and effort to reach out.

Hannaley said she might have gone a little crazy.

“I was obsessed with lips, so my mom made me stop doing it.” Hannah Lee Parvan told the New York Times“She said, ‘You have to go away.'”

She told the paper that creating Pan Solo was especially meaningful because she contracted COVID-19 in January 2021 and lost much of her sense of smell and taste.

“So finding joy in different parts of food is really important,” she said.

The sculpture is now on display outside the bakery, about a 30-minute drive north of San Francisco.

Pan Solo is the bakery’s entry to the annual Downtown Benicia Main Street Scarecrow Contest. Members of the public will be able to vote for their favorites among over 20 entries submitted by local businesses.

https://www.dailynews.com/2022/10/17/california-baker-creates-life-sized-han-solo-out-of-bread-2-2/ California Baker Makes Life-Size Han Solo Out of Bread – Daily News

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