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CA Survey Finds 68% of Teachers Describe Work as “Exhausting”

(cron) – A new research UCLA and the California Teachers Association (CTA) will dive into California’s teacher shortage released Tuesday, the CTA said in a press release.

Statewide, 4,632 educators teaching grades TK-12 participated in the survey, and the results show general dissatisfaction among education professionals. His E. Toby Boyd, kindergarten teacher and president of his CTA, said in his statement:

The study analyzed educator job satisfaction, teacher retention, workplace diversity and inclusion, and teacher readiness. Of those surveyed, 68% describe their work as ‘tiring’.

Four out of 10 teachers surveyed revealed that they are considering, or are considering, quitting their profession. The number one reason is stress burnout. According to the survey, 88% of educators believe higher wages will improve teacher retention.

The study included a survey of aspiring teachers. 18 out of 25 reported financial barriers as the reason they were unable to complete their teacher training programs.

Many of the teachers of color surveyed said they experienced some form of discrimination in the workplace and felt uncomfortable. Four of her 10 LGBTQIA+ educators report experiencing discrimination based on their sexual orientation.

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“We have reached a tipping point. Teachers continue to be asked to do more with less,” Tyrone Howard, co-dean of UCLA’s Center for School Transformation, said Tuesday. said in a statement.

The report, including the executive summary, is available online. cta.org/voices-from-the-classroom.

https://www.kron4.com/news/california/new-survey-dives-into-california-teacher-shortage/ CA Survey Finds 68% of Teachers Describe Work as “Exhausting”

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