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Beware of the Rising Indoor Running Trends

Exercise is an important part of our life. As a matter of fact, humans or any animals for that matter never needed a separate exercise as the general way of life included a lot of strenuous activities that have ensured the fitness of all animals. With the rise in modern technologies and comfort, the way of life has become less physical and more mental. This is why exercise has become an important part of our lives today. 

Of all the exercises that we engage in today, indoor running is one of the most controversial one. It has many upsides and a few downsides too.

When Did This Trend Start?

Running inside the comfort of the rooms has been practised for quite some time now. From the 20th century, more and more people are using treadmills to run. It is due to a number of reasons like safety, comfort, convenience, etc. However, the recent spike in the popularity of the sport can be attributed to the pandemic scare. The COVID19 has made it impossible for people to go out and mingle with others during the early 2020. So, it was the time that online running became a trend. Today, even after much improvement and success with the combat against coronavirus, people still prefer to run within the home. 

Is it Dangerous to Run Inside Your Home?

Running inside the home is not a bad thing. There are many apps that provide a good experience even for the people who are running inside the home. One such online running app is Vingo. The app provides a great virtual experience. The app creates a virtual world where you can run, cycle and explore. You can create a digital avatar of yourself with the app and then enjoy the running. There are some minor challenges and risks associated with this type of virtual running. However, the real risk is not inside this virtual world but outside of it. 

Firstly, since you won’t be going out in the real world, you may not get the necessary Vitamin D. Unlike other vitamins, Vitamin D is mostly made only by exposing the body to sunlight. This is a great risk as more and more people are either in sedentary life or staying indoors without any exposure to sunlight. This can create far reaching and long lasting health problems. 

Precautions to Take While Running Indoors

If you prefer to run indoors, then you should make it a point to spend some time daily in the sunlight. This will rejuvenate your body and make you fit. In fact, merely by standing outside in the early morning, you can get all the necessary Vitamin D for your body. 

Another important thing is to get connected with your friends and family in the real world. Otherwise, you will miss the all important human connections. 

Take a balanced Approach for Your Fitness

If you take the necessary precautions, then you can also use Vingo as an indoor bike app and connect it with the cycles. This way, you can mix up with the workouts and have fun.

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