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Best Slot Streamers in 2021

Internet is a hub of information and entertainment. It is the ultimate place for sending and receiving so many things from all categories. Sharing videos through YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, etc.,has been in trend for several years. And it has led to the emergence of a new segment called streamers.

For those who do not know, streamers are video creators who broadcast their playing and other activities so that their viewers can gain some learning or kill time. If you are looking for renowned streamers who can provide promising content for slot machines online, this post will walk you through the needful. Read on to get details about who makes how much.

Slots streaming on Twitch

Twitch is one of the largest growing social media platforms for video sharing. Established in 2011, it is a renowned place for streaming visual content. The main highlight of this medium that caught the attention of billions of people is that it facilitates interactions with the viewers and the uploaders. People from various walks of life started to upload their content here. Soon, Twitch became the hub of videos from almost all categories like sports, fashion, art, cooking, music, entertainment, and more.

Seeing the massive popularity of live streamers on Twitch, even slot players began to enter this productive and playful platform. A section is dedicated solely to slot streamers among the millions of daily streamers.

To know the most popular or most viewed slots streaming on Twitch, one can check the Twitch metrics anytime. Trainwreckstv has the maximum number of views, which is more than four million. Roshtein, DeuceAce, ClassyBeef, CasinoDaddy, etc., are also in the growing line.

Slots streaming on YouTube

Similar to and much before Twitch, there is another video-sharing platform that has gained unimaginable acceptance from people. The name is YouTube that has gathered more than two billion active users since its inception. It was launched in 2005 and has not lost its charm yet. According to some sources, YouTube will have thirty-seven million channels during 2020. And, the fascinating fact is that the number has grown by 23% compared to the last year. Name a thing, and there will endless results here.

No matter how many new video-sharing mediums came online, people still prefer using YouTube. Hence, it is no surprise that YouTube is still the go-to option for innumerable bettors when it comes to looking for slot streamers.

Understandably, the internet and social media are highly dynamic that can keep changing every minute. So, someone who is being watched the most today may have a strong competitor right away. However, one may have heard or come across the famous slot streamers at YouTube like NG Slot, Brian Christopher Slots, Slot Queen, and plenty more.

Best streamers

Now that enough is said about slot streamers, it is obvious to get curious about who holds the top positions in this category. It is not just a matter of excitement but may also be a helping hand for those who wish to enter slot games with some professional guidance. Slot Gaming is a chancy activity that involves risks and rewards.

So, it becomes imperative to learn a few tricks from popular and reliable slot streamers to maximize profits and minimize losses. Be it be for guidance or just for fun, if somebody wishes to see some wowing slot streamers, then go to the below-mentioned profiles.

– CasinoDaddy– Currently, this streamer has 162K followers on Twitch and is one of the most prominent names in this line. In his About column, they claim to stream for 14 hours which is impressive in all terms. People can also join their community by clicking the relevant option on their profile. Giveaways and video streaming their casino activities are the chief highlights here.

– ROSHTEIN– Moving a little ahead is ROSHTEIN having 818K followers on Twitch. He and his team have an established name for bringing in master casino tips along with some giggle-worthy content. Besides the giveaways and community groups, watchers can also find a separate section of points. These points may be redeemable with some surprise items.

– ClassyBeef– With 207K followers on Twitch, ClassyBeef is in the leading position among the streamers mentioned in this post. A gang of eight people put forth their skills and experiences in different segments like slots, casinos, and more. Interested people can go to their profile and see videos posted almost every day. Besides being present on popular social media platforms, they also have an official website in their name.

Vondice- Last but not least on this list of streamers is Vondice, often recommended by other streamers. The number of followers currently on Twitch is 176K. While other streamers are also about casinos, this streamer specifically mentions only slot machines in the profile. Anybody can reach him through his social media handles, including Instagram and Discord. Interestingly, his profile also has two rewarding columns as- Guess The End Balance and Follow To Get Points.

How much money do casino streamers make on average?

The money earned by streamers depends upon many factors like active sessions, number of viewers, number of subscribers, and more. According to some reports, most popular streamers might be making $77,000 per year just by streaming slot games they plat at Slot Online Casino. Another calculation can be that a streamer who is active for 40 hours in a week may earn something $3000-$5000 every month. However, small streamers with a lesser audience may have their numbers between $50 and $2000 monthly.

So, the earning of streamers is not a definite thing. They have to work hard, give content regularly, and have a decent number of audiences to get paid. Sometimes, there may be more inflow of income based on partnerships or paid subscriptions. So, the amount may vary from streamer to streamer based on the defined factors.

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