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Best Password Managers for Security in 2022

Privacy and security is extremely important for all users in 2022. But with that said, it’s common for people to use weak passwords. The reason many people use weak passwords is usually because trying to remember a lengthy, complex password can be tricky. However, short and/or simple passwords can be easy to crack (with the use of special software). What is more, with the number of accounts we have in this day and age, we tend to re-use passwords, which exacerbates the risk of using a simple password.

Passwords have been the primary form of encryption security used by the general public for many years now. If you ask any IT support company, they will tell you the importance of passwords. They will also emphasise the need to use a unique and strong password for every single account you have – no re-using passwords.

Password Managers

To avoid the risks described above, it is recommended that you use a password manager. These are a type of software that saves passwords for you, and stores them securely using encryption. Most tech companies use them. For example, TechQuarters, company providing managed IT services London organisations use, have employed LastPass internally. However, there are many options for password managers on the market. Below are some of the top options for password managers that are suitable for both individuals and organisations.

  1. Bitwarden

In some ways, Bitwarden is the best password manager on the market in 2022. The reason being it offers both a premium version and a feature packed free version, and it is open-source. The free version offers unlimited password storage with auto-fill capabilities (meaning the program will automatically fill out login information on webpages and apps). The premium version has many more features. For example, it allows you to share passwords and logins securely with family and friends.Bitwarden has a handy feature called Bitwarden Send, which is a secure way to send login information with another person. The premium versions are also very affordable – just $10 a year for the individual version; and $40 a year, you ge the Families Organization plan, which supports up to 6 individual accounts with unlimited sharing.

  1. LastPass

Many people consider LastPass to be the best paid password manager service available. LastPassoffers storage for passwords and logins, as well as passport information, credit card details, and social security numbers. It’s autofill feature covers logins, and other information, such as your address and credit card details. The premium plans offer other features, like dark web monitoring, emergency access for a trusted user, and one-to-many sharing, meaning you can securely share info to other people. The free version is as good as the premium version, but it is limited to one device type. For instance, the mobile version covers phones, tablets, and smartwatches; whereas the desktop version only covers PCs.

  1. 1Password

This password manager is ideal for those users looking for multi-platform coverage. While this service does not offer a free version, it is very affordable, as just $36 a year. It has a very user-friendly design with lots of handy features – such as travel mode, that lets you remove sensitive data from your device and restore it when you have finished travelling. With just one master password, you can access your login information for all your accounts, across unlimited platforms. 1Password is compatible with biometric authentication technology; so if you have a Mac or an iOS device, you can use Touch ID or Face ID to unlock 1Password. The family plan costs $60 a year and supports up to 5 accounts, with unlimited sharing.

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