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Best of Conor McGregor Fights

Beyond his despicably eccentric personality, Conor McGregor makes history as one of the best UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) fighters. The famous left-handed Martial Art fighter streak of luck started way before his debut UFC match with Marcus Brimage in 2013.

Before then, McGregor had a blossoming career as a competent professional boxer. Additionally, his stint at MMA crowned him as Lightweight and Cage Warriors Featherweight MMA champion.

Even if McGregor often wins through knockouts, his timely strikes, composure, and finishing tempo give him an upper edge. Keep following as we describe Conor McGregor performances.

  1. December 2018 Jose Aldo- 13 Seconds

There is no doubt that this match elucidated the best of Conor McGregor in MMA.  In truth, most people considered the bout over before the first bell. After all, McGregor spent a considerable time splitting verbal insults on Aldo, his native language, and county.

While the act appears all vulgar, McGregor often capitalizes on his rival’s mental anguish to his advantage. In this case, Aldo, the division giant, easily fell to the trick. Visibly angry and disturbed, he allowed emotions to take control and gave a measly performance.

On the other hand, Conor appeared relaxed and bravely took the win home within 13 minutes. From the look of things, Conor’s series of successful events seen to prevail even when least expected.

2. November 2016: Eddie Alvarez – 2nd Round

Battling against veteran and impressive striker like Eddie Alvarez is never a small feat. However, McGregor’s spirited performance made it look so easy. Altogether, Conor was on a mission to prevail his 145 lbs win earlier with 155 Ibs.

Without a doubt, he set his best foot forward and aggressively gave Eddie a run for his money. It goes down Martial Art history books that Conor became the first fighter to win two belts concurrently. Nonetheless, with his daring spirit, nothing is impossible.

3. August 2013 Max Holloway – Points Win

Apart from Nate Diaz’s replay, this is another decision-won match in McGregor’s career journey. Of course, a much younger and taller contender like Holloway sounds alarming. Remember that Holloway had showcased an amazing winning history in earlier matches.

What’s more, Conor was still nursing a previous knee injury. Yet, he dominated the game with admirable strikes and an impressive ground game, especially in the closing two rounds.

4. March 2016 Nate Diaz II-5 Rounds

Although the previous match with Diaz marked his first UFC loss, the thrashing was a much-needed caution light. From the beginning, there was a huge likelihood that the brawl would last several rounds. On this note, McGregor started on a low note to save energy.

Further on, the second round exhibited an ascending tempo as both fighters went for each other’s neck. From pillar to post, it took five rounds for Conor to throw monster strikes that destabilized Diaz. Still, the native Stockton would respond aggressively, forcing McGregor to retreat.

All in all, it was an unlucky day for Diaz as judges handled a decision win to McGregor. The match may not classify as the cleanest Conor’s acts, but it stands out among his famous victories.

5. January 2020 Donald Cerrone (Cowboy) – 40 Seconds

It’s puzzling why McGregor would contend against Cerrone, especially on a different weight class. Nevertheless, both fighters had deep desires for lightweight titles but agreed to battle at 170 Ibs. At the beginning of the match, each contestant went back and forth, trying to make an impression.

In the heat of the moment, Conor defended a likely takedown by forcefully thrusting at his opponent’s hip. That particular hip thump would massively incapacitate Cowboy. Seconds later, as Cowboy struggled to regain his poise; Conor landed a heavy kick squarely on his chin.

Within 40 seconds, the wounded legend accepted defeat, adding another feather on Conor’s hat.

6. September 2014 Dustin Poirier (The Diamond) 5 minutes

As mentioned earlier, Conor’s mental combat hits his challengers hard. This duel is no exception, as the Irish star thrashed verbally in press conferences throughout the fight week. Poirier got tired of the antics and seemed more focused on shutting up Conor and not on the final win.

As usual, Conor came smiling at the face-off, taunting his adversary to get into action. Provoked and agitated, Poirier struck, but Conor achieved his mission. He shot right behind Poirier’s ear with his classic left-handed hits and brought him to his knees.

It was only through the referee intervention that Conor brought the blows to a halt.

Bottom Line

Even with his odd performance jinx lately, Conor McGregor stand tall among UFC big stars. Not only does he boast of three UFC division wins, but his supple body also helps him maneuver his hits much better than other fighters.

That said, the king of knockouts deserves nothing else but recognition for a job well done.

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