Baby Name Ideas if You’re Due in 2022

Are you looking for baby name ideas? If you’re expecting a child in 2022, you’ll want to check out this list of names that are predicted to be popular that year! With so many unique and beautiful names to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect one for your little one. If you’re looking for a name, get started and start narrowing down your list!

Listed below are dozens of baby names. Try one on for size, and then ask your friends what they think! With all these creative options to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect name for your little bundle of joy.

Girls’ Names

Aiko – Japanese for “love.”

Chandra – Hindi word meaning “beautiful.”

Demi – Likely a variation on the name Demetria or Demetrius, this moniker will be trendy in 2022

Kensington – A London district known as an upscale area. This sophisticated term would make a stylish first-name choice for your daughter.

Milla – An ancient name that means “attractive.”

Orla – Irish for “golden princess.”

Rumaisa – A beautiful name with Arabic origins meaning “happiness of the heart.”

Saffiya – This beautiful, two-part name has Arabic roots and would work well as a first or middle name for girls.

Celeste – Meaning “heavenly,” this name is already popular now but will likely increase in use dramatically by 2022.

Etta – A cute, vintage name that means “fiery one.”

Felicity – One of the most popular girls’ names around now, this moniker is likely to become even more popular in 2022.

Harlow – An English surname turned trendy first name, this choice has a lovely meaning (“free man”).

Ivy – A simple yet sophisticated choice for parents who want something unusual without being too out-of-the-box.

Jupiter – Ancient Roman king of the gods, this intriguing masculine option will be trendy for boys in 2022.

Kaya – This gorgeous Native American name simply means “moon” and would work well as either a first or middle name.

Lila – This beautiful Arabic name is pronounced “lee-lah” and means “night beauty.”

Luna – Another moniker that honors the moon, this Italian choice will be chic for girls in 2022.

Morgen – Meaning “morning,” this unique selection evokes images of a beautiful sunrise.

Namari – A cute African name that means “gift of God.”

Nevaeh – This adorable set of vowels was created with Heaven in mind, but it would work well as either a first or middle name.

Penninah – A unique African name meaning “queen.”

Sojourner – This strong word means “traveler.”

Vega – The brightest star in the Lyra constellation, this option would make a unique choice for boys or girls.

Ximena – A simple South American name meaning “listener.”

Yaretzi – This beautiful Hebrew name has a powerful meaning: “He (God) has remembered.”

Zakiya – Another African number, this one means “flourishing, blossoming.”

Boys’ Names

Adriel – Hebrew for “men of God.”

Augustine – A classic name that means “great, magnificent.”

Blaise – Another name with religious roots, this one comes from the Catholic Saint Blaise. It’s also the French word for “blizzard.”

Cashton – An adorable modern word choice for boys. This moniker is ultimately an Americanized spelling of the British place name Cashtown.

Edison – Named after Thomas Edison.

Frankie – The short form of Frank or Franklin and a diminutive of Francis, this option can work well as either a first or middle name for boys.

Gideon – A Hebrew name meaning “hewer.” Don’t be surprised if this moniker is one of the top boys’ names in 2022!

Huxley – An interesting name with a history behind it. It can also be pronounced “huckslye” or “huxlee.”

Issac – Meaning “laughter,” this popular name will likely increase in use over the next few years.

Jude – A beautiful Biblical name that means “to praise.” This moniker is already popular but trending upwards quickly.

Kaden – Another word-name possibility for parents looking for something unusual.

Lionel – This ancient German name means “lion-like.”

Reign – A Hebrew word name that would be perfect for parents looking to give their child a strong name.

Rhett – The male equivalent of the popular girls’ name Scarlett, this moniker has Southern roots and could work well as either a first or middle name.

Sage – The herb choice! Meaning “wise,” this moniker comes from French origins.

Skyler – An adorable two-syllable possibility with Germanic roots meaning “scholar” or “storyteller.”

Warren – This moniker has both English and French roots.

Wesley – This Old English name means “western meadow settlement.”

Xavier – Derived from the Basque word meaning “new house,” this strong choice with Spanish roots is one of the fastest-rising boys’ names in America right now.

Zane – Meaning “God’s gracious gift,” this moniker would make a great stand-alone name or middle name.


This is a fun list to use if you’ve been struggling to find some new baby name ideas. These names are unique and unusual but not so out-there that they’d be impossible for people to say or spell correctly.

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