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Avoid Air Alert issued for Bay Area on Monday

(cron) — Bay Area Air Quality Management issued a Spare the Air Alert on Monday.

High pressure is expected due to a combination of sub-zero nighttime temperatures, fog, and high air pollution levels that can result in unhealthy air quality. This ban prohibits burning wood, manufactured logs, or other solid fuels.

“Tomorrow, wood smoke is expected to create hazy skies and unhealthy air quality across the Bay Area,” said Sharon Landers, Interim Executive Director of the Aviation District. You can reduce the harmful health impacts on your family and neighbors during the holiday season.”

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It is illegal for Bay Area residents and businesses to use a fireplace, wood stove, outdoor fire pit, or other wood-burning device during Spare the Air Alert, provided that it is the only source of heat. Except if. Natural gas, propane or electric fireplaces are permitted.

https://www.kron4.com/news/bay-area/spare-the-air-alert-issued-for-bay-area-monday/ Avoid Air Alert issued for Bay Area on Monday

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