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ATM Thieves Attack Small Businesses Across Southern California’s Inland Empire

Two thieves are still on the run, terrorizing small businesses across the Inland Empire with a devastating ATM robbery.

Multiple victims say the suspects appear to be members of the same thief crew who used the same pickup truck to carry out the devastating robberies.

The suspect is believed to have targeted multiple companies including Colton, San Bernardino and Loma Linda.

The business owner hopes the thief will be caught quickly to prevent him from devastating another small business again.

The recent Royal Tattoo robbery in Perris on Sunday night was caught by security cameras.

The suspect is seen strapping an ATM machine to the back of a truck parked outside as the front door slams open and an alarm sounds.

After securing the tie, the second suspect, a truck driver, is seen violently pulling the ATM machine to the ground, exiting the door, and quickly slowing down.

It is a familiar sight for victims. They said the robbery always involved his two male suspects and a white pick-up his truck pulling an ATM machine.

“A tall man jumped out the window, jumped in, got a big sturdy strap, and rolled it around the ATM,” said Lana Mack, general manager of Papa Joe’s Sports Bar.

Security video captures thieves targeting a sports bar in Moreno Valley around 4 a.m. Monday morning.

After breaking through the front window, the thief rushes inside and quickly ties a rope to the ATM machine in the corner. A large amount of debris scatters in the air.

Ultimately, the two suspects picked up the machine, rolled it out the window, and loaded it into the bed of a truck.

“The fact that it was done so quickly shows they had some practice, and we all pretty much agreed with that,” Mack said.

Not only has cleaning up afterward been an ordeal, Mac says he’s now thousands of dollars short.

Anthony Romo, owner of Uppercutts Barbershop in Loma Linda, said thieves had targeted his business twice in the past two weeks.

“They banged on the window a few times,” Romo said. “It’s double glazing. You’re not going to succeed. So on the next attempt, they came in and used a crowbar to pry the door open, and this time they succeeded.”

Little did the thief know. The barbershop didn’t have his ATM machine.

“After they rushed in, they realized I didn’t have an ATM machine,” Romo said. “There’s a candy machine that looks like an ATM. So they took a strap, wrapped it up, and ran out the door.”

The break-in left Romo about $1,000 in damages.

According to the victim, the suspect’s car was an old white pickup truck with noticeable paint chips. They hope someone can quickly identify the thief so they don’t hit another small business again.

“I’m here to make a good life for my daughter. For them to do this and target us again for a second attempt, you don’t feel good about it,” Romo said. said.

https://ktla.com/news/local-news/atm-thieves-attacking-small-businesses-across-the-inland-empire/ ATM Thieves Attack Small Businesses Across Southern California’s Inland Empire

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